Vani Borooah

Vani BorooahVani Borooah, born in India, has held the Chair in Applied Economics at the University of Ulster since 1987. After taking his Ph.D. in 1977 from the University of Southampton, he worked for the next 10 years as a Senior Research Officer at the University of Cambridge’s Department of Applied Economics and, concurrently, was a Fellow of Queens’ College. He is a past President of the European Public Choice Society and of the Irish Economic Association and is also Honorary Professor of Economics at the University of Queensland. He was elected a Member of the RIA in 2006. His work has been mainly in the areas of unemployment, inequality, poverty, and economic development.


John McGilp

John McGilp

John McGilp is the Professor of Surface and Interface Optics at TCD. He is internationally known for establishing, in Europe, the field of surface and interface optics, “epioptics”, and founding the biannual “Optics at Surfaces and Interfaces” (OSI) international conference. He has published widely in this and related fields. He has served as Chair of the Institute of Physics in Ireland and has held several administrative positions in TCD, including Head of the School of Physics and Bursar of TCD. Professor McGilp is currently a Board Member of TCD and also a member of the TCD Audit Committee. He was elected a Member of the Royal Irish Academy in 2003.


Celia Holland

Celia HollandProfessor Celia Holland studied Zoology at Trinity College before undertaking a PhD in Experimental Parasitology at Cambridge University and a Postdoctoral research fellowship at Cornell University.

Professor Holland is currently Associate Professor in Zoology at Trinity College where she was awarded fellowship in 1995. Her research interests focus upon the epidemiology of human helminth infections.

Professor Holland is an Invited Expert on the WHO Advisory Panel on Parasitic Diseases and currently Secretary General of the European Federation of Parasitology. Professor Holland is an Associate Editor of the Cambridge journal Parasitology. She was elected a member of the Royal Irish Academy in 2004.

Link to Professor Holland’s publications: http://www.tcd.ie/Zoology/research/research/parasitology/index.php


James Lunney

James LunneyJames G. Lunney is Associate Professor of Physics and Fellow at Trinity College, Dublin. His current research interests are in high power laser-matter interactions and plasma physics, with particular emphasis on pulsed laser ablation and deposition of solid and nanoparticle materials for research. He also does research on applications of conical refraction, which is a curious optical effect discovered in Dublin in 1832. Previously he has work on laser thermonuclear fusion and X-ray laser research. He served as Head of the School of Physics (2005 - 2008). He is author of over 160 scientific papers and Fellow of Institute of Physics.

Kenneth Bell

Ken Bell

Professor Emeritus Kenneth Lloyd Bell. Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education) at Queen’s University Belfast (2001-2006); Head of School of Mathematics and Physics (1998-2001). Research interests were in the field of theoretical atomic physics with particular interest in electron or photon-atom/ion collisions; photodetachment of negative ions; transition probabilities; and free-free transitions of negative ions. Most of the data calculated are relevant to astrophysical application, in particular to planetary nebulae and the sun.

186 publications in refereed journals. Fellow of the Institute of Physics (elected 1989); Royal Astronomical Society (elected 1991); American Physical Society (elected 1997); Member of the Royal Irish Academy (elected 2001).


Attracta Ingram

Attracta IngramAttracta Ingram is Professor Emeritus in University College Dublin. She has published extensively in political and social theory, particularly on the philosophy of rights, social justice, pluralism, state and nation, constitutional patriotism, and cosmopolitanism. She was elected a member of the Royal Irish Academy in March 2008. She was a founder and Board member of the European InterUniversity Centre for human rights and democratization (1997-2010). She has held a Jean Monnet Research fellowship in the EUI, as well as visiting fellowships in St. Andrews, Harvard, Columbia, and Berkeley.


Eugene Kennedy

Eugen KennedyProfessor Kennedy is Professor Emeritus and former Vice-President for Research at Dublin City University. He was elected Fellow of the Institute of Physics in 1987 and member of the Royal Irish Academy in 2004. He brought laser-based research at DCU to international prominence through applications of laser-generated plasmas to problems in atomic physics, laser-plasma source development and plasma diagnostics. He has coordinated major international EU research networks and been an invited researcher at the National Institute for Standards and Technology (Wash. DC), HASYLAB and FLASH (DESY Hamburg), LURE (Paris) and the Advanced Light Source (University of California at Berkeley).


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