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The Academy awards a wide array of grants on an annual basis in both the humanities and the sciences as well as acclaiming Ireland’s leading thinkers through its celebrated Gold Medals Scheme. Grant awards are made under a broad network of schemes including the postdoctoral mobility grants scheme, the international cost share programme (run in conjunction with the Royal Society), and the long established archaeological research excavation grants scheme. 

Archaeology LogoArchaeology Grants and Awards
Large scale grants for archaeological excavation and post excavation, small scale archaeological research projects and radiocarbon dates.


Mobility Grants LogoMobility Grants
Research grants for early career stage researchers in any discipline, for the purposes of conducting short research trips.

RS Internation Exchange LogoRIA-RS International Exchange Cost Share Programme
Large scale grants aimed at facilitating research in the natural sciences by collaborating teams in the UK and Ireland.


Eoin O'Mahoney Bursary in Irish History 2014Eoin O’Mahony Bursary in Irish History 2014
Bursary for candidates engaged in historical research on subjects of Irish interest


Geosciences LogoGeosciences Quaternary Radiocarbon Dates
Radiocarbon date grants to support quaternary research in Ireland.


Hamilton LogoHamilton Prize in Mathematics
Prize awarded to the best undergraduate mathematics student as nominated by their institution in his/her penultimate year of study.


Prize for Young Chemists
A prize will be given for the most outstanding Irish PhD thesis of 2014 in the general area of the chemical sciences, as described in a 1,000 word essay.


Gold Medals LogoGold Medal Awards
Acclaiming Ireland’s leading thinkers in the Humanities and the Science.



International Prizes LogoInternational Prizes/Awards
Externally awarded international prizes and awards.


For inquiries relating to grants please email grantsAt Symbolria.ie

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