Spatial Justice and the Irish Crisis


event 23 April 201310:00

Venue: Academy House, 19 Dawson Street, Dublin 2
Date: Tuesday, 23 April 2013 at 10.00am

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This one day conference, following the Academy Discourse “Spatial Justice, Housing and Financial Crisis” by Professor Danny Dorling on Monday, 22 April, seeks to explore how the global financial crisis has unfolded within and impacted on Ireland.

The on-going crisis and associated responses to it (political, governance, popular etc.) provides an entry point for a wide-ranging exploration of spatial justice as a theoretical construct and a departure point for empirical analysis. Discourses of justice, equality and fairness remain central to a range of interconnected debates as Ireland seeks to recover from the interrelated collapses of the banking system and property markets and the knock on effects through the rest of society and the economy. Scale is an important dimension in framing and constructing popular discourses concerning issues of justice, e.g. the role of EU institutions in shaping Ireland’s treatment of banking debt or the impact of national budgetary measures on particular places. The focus of this conference is on understanding these spatially connected processes, how they are functioning at different scales, their impact on particular or specific places and spaces, as they give rise to new or evolving social and economic geographies.

Speakers will include:

Mary Gilmartin: Migration - click here for abstract
Anna Davies: Environment - click here for abstract
Ronan Foley and Adrian Kavanagh: Health - click here for abstract
David Meredith: Rural Economy - click here for abstract
Des McCafferty: Poverty
Gerry Kearns: Education - click here for abstract
Piaras Mac Éinrí: Emigration - click here for abstract
Rob Kitchin: Population and Settlement - click here for abstract
Marie Mahon: Population and Settlement

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This event is organised by the Geographical Sciences Committee.

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Online bookings are now closed. Please call to book: 01 676 2570

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