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Main Catalogue

  • all pre-1850 books
  • most 20th-century titles
  • all 1851-1900 titles as they are recatalogued
  • the Haliday Pamphlet and Tract Collections
  • broadsides
  • maps
  • offprints
  • articles of Irish interest from international journals held by the library post-1993
  • papers published in Proceedings of the RIA; Biology & Environment; and Irish Studies in International Affairs
  • CD-Roms

Manuscripts Catalogue:

  • non-Irish language manuscripts and sets of papers held by the library
  • manuscripts in the lrish language (outline records only). Detailed descriptive catalogue entries are published in Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in the RIA 28 fasc., (Dublin, 1926-70)
  • Academy muniments
  • microfilms

Prints, Drawings & Artefacts Catalogue:

  • antiquarian drawings
  • miscellaneous prints and drawings
  • portraits
  • sculpture
  • memorabilia
  • realia

Periodicals Catalogue:

  • journal titles
  • selected series titles


Photographs Catalogue:

  • Academy related photographs
  • other photographic collections
  • digital formats, negatives, slides and transparencies mainly relating to Academy collections, portraits, etc.

Use of Catalogues

The collections may be accessed via a variety of catalogues which are described below. Retrospective cataloguing of older collections is a primary objective of the library cataloguing programme.


    • The Manuscripts in the Irish language are catalogued in detail in the printed Catalogue of Irish manuscripts in the Royal Irish Academy, 28 fasc., (Dublin & London, 1926-70). This catalogue includes a general index and index to the first lines of poems. A reprint of the catalogue is available for purchase from the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, School of Celtic Studies.
    • Other Manuscripts. Basic records for the papers of societies, family papers, Ordnance Survey materials, etc. are available on the Manuscripts Catalogue. Under the International Access to Academy Library Holdings Project (IAALH), funded by Atlantic Philanthropies, in-depth catalogue records for the Ordnance Survey Letters, the Windele, Day, Henry, Madden and other collections have been added to the online Manuscripts Catalogue. With Heritage Council and private funding, the Dublin Unitarian Church archive has been added to the catalogue. With private funding, most of the Graves Papers have been catalogued. Currently the K.B. Nowlan papers and the W.T. Cosgrave papers ate being catalogued.
    • Other major collections, e.g. the MacSwiney Papers, the R.A. Philips Papers and the Ussher Bird Notes Papers are listed. Links to these lists are available in the Special Collections section of the library website. Many of the Academy's manuscripts are indexed in Hayes, Manuscript sources for the history of Irish civilization, 11v. and 3v. suppl., (Boston, 1965-79), which is available in all major reference libraries. An online version of this resource, Sources has now been published on the National Library of Ireland website.
    • The Academy's Muniments may be accessed in the Reading Room via a card index. Location and date information for sets of Minutes, etc. are available on the Manuscripts Catalogue.

Main Catalogue

  • The Monograph Collections are catalogued in a variety of formats:
      • All books acquired since 1993 are recorded on the Main Catalogue.
      • Retrospective conversion of twentieth-century titles is almost complete and these are available on the Main Catalogue. Titles still to be converted can be accessed using the author/title/subject card catalogues in the Reading Room.
      • All of the earlier imprints held in the general Academy collection, the Moore Library, the Bergin Library, etc. have been recatalogued as part of a major retrospective conversion project (IAALH) and are accessible via the Main Catalogue.
      • The Haliday Pamphlet and Tract collection has been recatalogued online under the IAALH Project. Catalogue records for all Haliday Tracts (HT) and Haliday Pamphlets (HP) are now available online on the Main catalogue. The Haliday Pamphlet & Tract Collections were previously recorded in a manuscript catalogue and listed in chronological order. This may still be accessed in the Reading Room 
  • The Broadside Collections, are all available on the Main Catalogue.
  • The Offprint Collection, containing mainly the published articles and papers of Academy members, is available on the Main Catalogue apart from some older records which are gradually being converted. These are listed under author in the author/title catalogue in the Reading Room.
  • Maps are catalogued in the Main Catalogue. Some catalogue records for maps still have to be converted and are accessible on the Map Card Catalogue in the Reading Room.

Prints, Drawings & artefacts

  • Antiquarian Sketches & Drawings. These collections of drawings, eighteenth- to twentieth-century, catalogued under the IAALH Project and are available on the Prints, Drawings & Artefacts Catalogue. The collection includes nineteenth-century Ordnance Survey Drawings (12 T 1-11), the Ordnance Survey Memoir drawings, Wakeman drawings of county Dublin sites (12 T 12), the Petrie Collection (12 T 13-17), the Turner and Westropp Collections, the Du Noyer Collections among others.
  • Sculpture, portraits and other Academy artworks.


  • Journal titles are catalogued on the Periodicals Catalogue. The records contain title, publisher, place of publication and summary details of the holdings, and details of the latest issue received of current titles.


  • The Photographic Collections, viz. images of persons connected with the Academy, photographs of Academy House, of muniments, manuscripts, etc. are available on the Photographs Catalogue, as are the records for the R.L. Praeger and Françoise Henry Collections.


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