Lough Hyne Collection: RIA/LH/1-12


Special List: A041
by Martin Fagan, April 2012

The Lough Hyne/Ine Collection is made up of documents arising from the scientific expeditions carried out at Lough Ine marine lake, Cork from the 1940s until the 1980s. These expeditions were carried out by teams of British scientists and students led by Professor Jack Kitching and Professor John Ebling.

The collection consists of the following - lengthy correspondence between Ebling and Kitching; correspondence with other team members, academics, Irish land-owners etc; handouts and instructions given to expedition participants; diaries/journals kept by expedition members; raw scientific datasheets; draft articles and scientific notes; maps, charts and tables of scientific results; a small number of scientific photographs and illustrations of limpets etc; printed articles and reports on the expeditions; report from An Taisce on the scientific importance of the lough; obituaries of Kitching, Ebling and Renouf; drafts of Trevor Norton’s memoir of the expeditions.
A pdf of the catalogue can be downloaded by clicking here

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