Wilmot papers


Royal Irish Academy: Special list / Liosta speisialta: A022


List of the papers of Martha Bradford, née Wilmot, and Katharine Wilmot

  • 12 L 16 Ms in Russian, 1796

Copy of an older Russian ms depicting marriage of Czar of Russia: coloured illustrations with descriptive text in Russian and translation in English at end of volume. 67pp.

  • 12 L 17-22 Mss in English, 1803-08

Martha Bradford’s (née Wilmot) journal of stay in Russia. 6 notebooks

  • 12 L 23 Ms in English, 1821-22

Martha Bradford’s (née Wilmot) journal of a year spent in Italy

  • 12 L 24 Ms in English

Martha Bradford’s (née Wilmot) letters from Russia, April 1803-October 1806 (Copied by her mother)

  • 12 L 25 Ms in English and French, early 19th century

Martha Bradford’s (née Wilmot) miscellaneous poems

  • 12 L 26-28 Description de toutes les nations de l’Empire de Russie, v.1-3, St. Petersbourg, 1776-1777 (See main catalogue for full record.)

Given to Martha Bradford (née Wilmot) by her Russian mother Princess Daschkov

  • 12 L 29 Letters of Martha Bradford (née Wilmot) and K. Wilmot, n.d.

Include Russian poems and verses with translations into English, French and Italian, c.1806-08.

  • 12 L 30 Ms in English, 1805-07

Copies of K. Wilmot’s letters from Russia

  • 12 L 31 Ms in English and French, 1806-07

Journal of K. Wilmot in Russia

  • 12 L 32 Letters of K. Wilmot from France-Italy, 1801-03

Copied by Martha Bradford (née Wilmot), Moscow, 1805

  • 12 L 33 Letters of K. Wilmot in English from Russia, 1805-07

Copied by Martha Bradford (née Wilmot)

  • 12 L 34 Note-book of K. Wilmot, Moscow, 1806

Includes letters and poems, notes of books read, extracts in French from books

  • 12 L 35 Privileges et reglemens de l’Académie Imperiale des Beaux Arts ..., St. Petersbourg, 1765 (See main catalogue for full record.)

For editions of the Wilmot journals and letters, see:

  • The Marchioness of Londonderry and H.M. Hyde, eds., The Russian journals of Martha and Catherine Wilmot ..., London, Macmillan, 1934
  • Elizabeth Mavor, ed., The Grand Tours of Katherine Wilmot: France 1801-3 and Russia 1805-7, London, Weidenfeld & Nicholson, 1992 ISBN: 0-297-81223-8

Microfilm copies of the Wilmot papers:

Selected Wilmot papers have been microfilmed as follows:

  • 12 L 17-19: Microfilm Roll N2003
  • 12 L 20-22: Microfilm Roll N2055
  • 12 L 29: Microfilm Roll N2003(i)
  • 12 L 30-31 and 12 L 34: Microfilm Roll N2004
  • 12 L 33: Microfilm Roll N2056


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