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news 24 February 201211:18

Graph Algebras in Analysis and Algebra

There are a number of ways to associate an algebra to a graph, the most common one is the so-called path algebra. Starting from this path algebra and taking suitable quotients, we arrive at ‘deep matrices’; Bergman algebras; Cohn path algebras; Leavitt path algebras; and graph C*-algebras (if we add the structure of a C*-algebra).

In her talk, which will be accessible for everyone with a basic background in analysis and algebra, Professor Siles will introduce some of the ideas above and elaborate on this fascinating interplay between Analysis and Algebra. Graph algebras provide an algebraic tool to understand graphs, which play a fundamental role in network theory with applications in logistical networks, the World Wide Web, the Internet, gene regulatory networks, and social networks, to name but a few. Download full abstract

Mercedes Siles Molina

Mercedes Siles Molina is Professor of Algebra at the University of Málaga. Her research interests include Lie algebras, non-associative structures, algebras of quotients, Leavitt path algebras and graded structures.

She is the author of

Graph Analysis: Bridging the Gap Between Algebra and Analysis

(Universidad de Málaga, 2007) and about 40 other research publications.


Prof Siles is a sought-after speaker in three continents, member of the governing board of RSME (the Royal Spanish Mathematical Society) and vice-president of AMIT-Andalucia (the Association of Women in Research and Technology).

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