22 Iúil 2014 11:07 r.n. news

Guidebook by Aran expert explores mysteries of Dún Aonghasa’s past.

Author says hillfort residents had their own thriving bronze casting industry.

19 Meitheamh 2014 4:10 i.n. news

Dating Hammurabi, the sixth king of Babylon

How could figuring out when an ancient king lived have a role in our understanding of climate change?


19 Meitheamh 2014 11:59 r.n. news

Women Invent: 100 top women in science, technology, engineering and maths

Sandra Collins, DRI Director has made the top 100 women in STEM list.

16 Meitheamh 2014 12:44 i.n. news

Fraudulent research claims show crucial need for policy

Find out why we need a national policy statement on ensuring research integrity in Ireland.

16 Meitheamh 2014 10:37 r.n. news

Geriatrician admitted to Royal Irish Academy

Leading geriatrician Prof Rose Anne Kenny was recently admitted to membership of the Royal Irish Academy (RIA).

11 Meitheamh 2014 4:13 i.n. news

RIA Discourse at the University of Limerick

On 6 June, Professor Richard Bellamy presented a Discourse entitled 'International Human Rights and Democratic Public Ethics'.

30 Bealtaine 2014 10:36 r.n. news

New Members of Royal Irish Academy Announced

Today (4pm, 30 May), the Royal Irish Academy admitted fifteen new members, continuing a 229-year tradition of recognising outstanding achievement in the world of learning.

08 Bealtaine 2014 11:32 r.n. news

Academy Gold Medals

Taoiseach presents medals for major contribution to scientific research

30 Aibreán 2014 2:47 i.n. news

Future Earth

Future Earth is the global research platform providing the knowledge and support to accelerate our transformations to a sustainable world.

25 Aibreán 2014 4:06 i.n. news

Dublin Talks

Want to find out what Ireland’s next big idea is? has the answer.

Cláraigh ar ár liosta seoltaí

Cuir isteach do sheoladh ríomhphoist thíos agus cliceáil ar cláraigh chun d'ainm a chur le ceann dár liostaí seoltaí.