Irish Texts Society Volume 03: Dánta Aodhagain Ui Rathaille


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Irish Texts Society Volume 03: Dánta Aodhagain Ui Rathaille

Dánta Aodhagain Ui Rathaille

Patrick S. Dinneen , Tadhg O'Donoghue, ed., 

The Poems of Egan O'Rahilly.  This volume contains Breandán Ó Buachalla's new introduction (2004)

Ixii + 360 pp.
1911, Volume 3,
ISBN 1 870 16603 5

The Society's publication of these poems in 1900, edited by P. S. Dinneen, represented the first scholarly edition of the complete works of any Irish poet and, as Breandán Ó Buachalla pointed out in his new introduction to the volume, published in the Society's Subsidiary Series in 2004 (no. 15), the 'touchstone by which all future editions of Irish poetry could be judged'. A second, much augmented, edition of this volume was published in 1911, under the joint editorship of Dinneen and Tadhg O'Donoughue (Torna). Summing up Ó Rathaille's achievement, Ó Buachalla stated: 'the local, the national, the personal, mesh inextricably as he depicts in well-crafted imaginative verse a poet's world that is out of joint'.

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