Irish Texts Society Volume 55: Stair Nicoméid


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Irish Texts Society Volume 55: Stair Nicoméid


Stair Nicoméid

Ian Hughes, ed.

The Irish Gospel of Nicodemus.

xlvi + 138 pp.
Volume 55 1991 
ISBN 1 870 16655 8

The apocryphal gospel, edited here for the Society by Ian Hughes, is a very good specimen of this type of writing, which became popular in Ireland and elsewhere from the twelfth century onwards. The Irish adaptation is based on two Latin texts dealing with Christ's Passion and Trial by Pontius Pilate and His descent into Hell. This volume is accompanied by a memorial notice of the Society's Hon. Secretary, Noel O'Connell, who died in 1991 while it was going through the press.


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