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Edited by Professor Bruce Osborne 

Print ISSN: 0791-7945
Online ISSN: 2009-003X
Frequency: 1 Volume, 3 Issues/Year

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Editor’s Selection: Eels on a slippery slope
If you thought that the sea lamprey was a strange creature it surely has competition from the eel for the status of being one of the weirdest. Like the sea lamprey, eel numbers have declined drastically over the last 25 years so much so that they are protected under EU legislation …. read more

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2 year impact factor: 0.674
5 year impact factor: 0.731
Total citations: 235

2013 five year impact factor: 0.588
2013 impact factor: 0.619
2012 five year impact factor: 0.764
2012 impact factor: 0.656
2011 impact factor: 0.415
2010 impact factor: 0.425 


Biology and Environment is a broad spectrum journal publishing biological and environmental research on topics of Irish interest for an international readership. The journal should be essential reading for those researchers concerned with the disciplines on the island of Ireland.

Special issues of the journal have addressed the Water Framework Directive, European vegetation in the 21st century, the flora and fauna of Atlantic islands, threatened Irish freshwater fishes, the Burren, Biodiversity, Cyanobacterial symbiosis, and the ecology of old mine sites.

Biology and Environment has been listed in ISI, the Web of Science, which will ensure that it will remain a key Irish journal, publishing research of national and international importance.

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