Instructions to authors


Manuscripts submitted for publication in Ériu should be in duplicate, written in 12pt font size, double-spaced throughout, with a wide margin and no right-margin alignment. Footnotes should be kept to a minimum. Authors should consult recent issues of the journal on matters of style or see the style guidelines and the journal abbreviations list (these are also available from the Publications Office).

The author's name and affiliation, with a full postal address, and e-mail address if available, should be stated on the first page. A shortened title for the running head should also be supplied.

After acceptance of a paper, and once a final text has been agreed, authors are asked to submit up-to-date disks and, where necessary, updated hard copy. Authors must ensure that their disks and hard copy are identical. Disks should be labelled with the author's name, the computer used (Mac or PC), the type of software used and its version number.

Authors will receive two sets of proofs, one of which should be returned within one week of receipt, together with the printout of the electronically edited paper, to the Publications Office.

Both author-date and footnote reference systems are acceptable. Journal and series titles should be spelled out in full. Prior to acceptance of a paper, authors will receive a detailed set of house style guidelines, including reference samples in both systems.

Abbreviations of bibliographical titles other than standard abbreviations used in Ériu -- a list of which appears at the back of each volume since Vol. L (1999) -- or those established by DIL should be listed at the end of the article, giving the bibliographical details in full; if abbreviations as in DIL have been used without explanation, a note to this effect should be added before the list of abbreviations.

Subventions to defray publication costs should be sought by authors in a position to obtain them. The Academy gratefully acknowledges the subventions towards the publication costs of papers by members of staff of the following institutions: National University of Ireland, Cork; National University of Ireland, Dublin; National University of Ireland, Galway; National University of Ireland, Maynooth; University of Dublin, Trinity College.

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