Instructions to authors


Contributions should be e-mailed to the editor (, and should include the author’s full postal address, e-mail address and current affiliation. The file name should include the author’s surname. If e-mail submission is impossible, disks labelled with the author’s name, the file name and the type of software used, and accompanied by an identical hard-copy printout, should be posted to Dr John Doyle, Centre for International Studies, School of Law and Government, Dublin City University, Dublin 9, Ireland.

The final version of the text should incorporate any revisions requested by the editor. Proofs are read by the editor; authors will be asked to deal with any queries at copyediting stage. Authors receive one free copy of the volume in which their paper appears. Offprints are available on request at the author’s expense.

Detailed instructions are listed below.


Typescripts should be written in 12pt font, double-spaced and printed on one side only of A4 paper. Submission of a typescript is taken to mean that the contents are original and that no similar paper has been submitted to another journal. The pages of the typescript should be numbered consecutively. Authors are requested to consult recent volumes of the journal on matters of style, but the following main points should be observed:

  1. Titles should be brief and informative. Title and subtitle should be separated by a colon.
  2. Papers should not exceed 10,000 words. Papers over 2000 words should be structured by headings (Introduction, sub-headings, Conclusion).
  3. References (in footnotes) should conform with the examples given below (but indicating page and date spans with an en-dash, not a hyphen). Journal titles should be given in full. Titles of books should also be given in full, together with the place and year of publication and, if applicable, the subtitle, number of volumes and edition (other than first). Second and subsequent references to a previously cited work should be in short-title form. References to journal articles or chapters in multi-author works should cite the page span of the article/chapter in question as well as the specific page(s) cited where relevant.


  • G.R. Sloan, The geopolitics of Anglo-Irish relations in the twentieth century (London and Washington, 1997), 14, 75.
  • Bruce Russett and Harvey Starr, World politics: the menu for choice (5th edn, New York, 1992).
  • Paul Gillespie, 'Diversity in the Union', in Brigid Laffan (ed.), The governance of the Union (Dublin, 1996), 25-40: 31.
  • A.J. Wilson, 'Irish-America and the Ulster conflict, 1968-1985', unpublished PhD thesis, Loyola University of Chicago, 1991.
  • Niels Amstrup, 'The perennial problem of small states: a survey on research efforts', Cooperation and Conflict 11 (3) (1976), 139-63: 140.
  • Seán Cronin, 'Clinton dithers on new policy for Central America', Irish Times, 15 April 1995.


(Note: Spell out authors' forenames in full in preference to one initial only.)

You may also wish to consult the style guidelines.


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