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AAI LogoThe year 2014 will see the publication by the Royal Irish Academy and Yale University Press, of a substantial, five-volume work of new scholarship, Art and Architecture of Ireland. The volumes will cover all aspects of Irish art and architecture from the year 400 to the present day – from high crosses to installation art, from Georgian houses to medieval brooches, from watercolours and sculptures to photographs, oil paintings, video art and tapestries. The work, though written by leading scholars in the field and based on new research, is designed for non specialists interested in Irish art or architecture; they will find, in these volumes, attractively written and handsomely illustrated articles on every aspect of the art and architecture of Ireland – thematic and general as well as biographical entries, articles on techniques and historical developments, bibliographies, lists of artists and comprehensive indexes. In short, the work will be a major contribution to Irish Studies, a work of national cultural significance.

In this context, the Academy is delighted that the Department of Arts, Heritage and Gaeltacht Affairs, together with private sponsors, is providing practical support for this project. Over twenty scholars are already involved in the research and writing of the texts, and five boards of experts, one for each volume, are meeting regularly to oversee the work. In addition, academic and cultural institutions throughout the island of Ireland are giving the project their wholehearted support.

The details of the five volumes are as follows:

I. Medieval Art and Architecture

edited by Dr Rachel Moss, TCD.

II. Painting 1600 – 1900

edited by Dr Nicola Figgis, UCD.

III. Sculpture 1600 -2000

edited by Dr Paula Murphy, UCD.

IV. Architecture 1600 – 2000

edited by Professor Rolf Loeber, University of Pittsburgh, Professor Hugh Campbell, UCD, Liva Hurley, Dr John Montague, Dr Ellen Rowley.

V. Twentieth-Century Art and Artists

edited by Peter Murray, Crawford Art Gallery,
Cork, and Catherine Marshall, IMMA.

Andrew Carpenter Chair :
Professor Jim Slevin, MRIA

Andrew Carpenter General Editor :
Professor Andrew Carpenter, MRIA

Anita Griffin Project Manager :
Anita Griffin


Copy Editor :
Jonathan Williams

Project Assistant :

Emer Kennedy

For further information contact :
Anita Griffin,
Project Manager of AAI 


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