The President and Council are responsible for the Academy's general government and regulation. They are elected annually at the Stated Meeting on 16th March. The President normally serves a three year term of office. The membership of Council is drawn from the Sciences and Humanities sections. Council formulates policies, decides on strategy and recommends candidates for membership.

Officers and Council 2015-2016


Mary E Daly President
John McGilp Treasurer
Eugene Kennedy Secretary
Imelda Maher Humanities Secretary
Peter McHugh Science Secretary
Michael P Kennedy International Relations Secretary


Roger Downer Senior Vice-President
Mary Kelly Vice-President
Elizabeth Meehan Vice-President
Roger Stalley Vice-President

Committee of Science

Committee of Polite Literature & Antiquities

Seán Dineen Maria Baghramian
Roger GH Downer Andrew Carpenter
Patrick J Guiry Mary Clayton
John M Kelly B Gabriel Cooney
Mary Kelly David Dickson
Eugene Kennedy J Ronan Fanning
Michael Peter Kennedy Imelda Maher
John F McGilp Elizabeth Meehan
Peter McHugh Geraldine Sheridan
Werner Nahm Roger Stalley
George D Sevastopulo  

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee supports the Council in supervising the day-to-day business of the Academy. The members of the Executive Committee are the President, Senior Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Secretaries of Science and PL&A, Executive Secretary, Secretary for International Relations and a Staff Representative.

Executive Committee Members

  • Mary E Daly, President
  • Roger Downer, Senior Vice-President
  • Eugene Kennedy, Secretary
  • John McGilp, Treasurer
  • Peter McHugh, Science Secretary
  • Imelda Maher, Humanities Secretary
  • Michael P Kennedy,  International Relations Secretary
  • Laura Mahoney, Executive Secretary
  • Deirdre D'Auria, Staff Representative


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