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Praeger Fund for Field Natural History
2010 Grants Information

The Praeger Fund Committee invites applications for grants, up to a maximum of €500 each, for field work relevant to the natural history of Ireland to be carried out in the year 2010. Grantees need not be based in Ireland. Applicants should ensure that the proposed work, or work closely resembling the proposal, has not already been carried out in the same geographical area. A catalogue of previous Praeger reports can be accessed through the Academy Library. The work must be carried out in the year that the grant is awarded, as it cannot be guaranteed that funds will be available in the following year.

Applications are particularly welcome from amateur natural historians. Grants may be seen as a contribution to the overall cost of the project. The purchase of large items of equipment is not considered an appropriate use of the grants awarded; instead successful applicants are encouraged to contact local college departments for the loan of necessary equipment. Awards cannot be made in support of undergraduate or postgraduate student programmes, for school projects or for any part of the applicants' professional work.

Successful grantees will be expected to submit a brief report (2-3 pages) detailing the outcome of the grant. This report should also include a brief statement of income and expenditure, which shows the disbursement of the grant. Such a report would be requested before the end of 2010.

It is preferred that publication (if any) of results should be in one of the following: The Royal Irish Academy Proceedings: Biology and Environment; Irish Naturalists' Journal; Irish Journal of Earth Sciences; Irish Birds; Bulletin of the Irish Biogeographical Society.

A representative set of any material collected must be deposited in the National Museum, Dublin, or the National Herbarium, Dublin, or the Ulster Museum, Belfast or any other recognised institution in Ireland.

The deadline for the receipt of applications for 2010 is now closed.


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