Audio-visual guide to the Academy and its library


Welcome to the Royal Irish Academy!

We have prepared a guided tour for you to learn about the history of the Academy and some of the famous writers, historians and scientists associated with our institution. You can also find out about the library collections and the Academy’s activities and projects.

Visiting the Academy:

Our audio tour visits the Inner Hall, the Reading Room and Meeting Room of Academy House. If the Meeting Room is in use when you visit, you can still listen to the relevant audio tracks in the Reading Room. The Academy is open to visitors Monday to Friday 10 a.m.-5 p.m., last tour at 4.15 p.m. There is wheelchair access to the building.

This tour is available in Irish and English. You can borrow the tour from the RIA library, on a hand-held multimedia player, or download your own copy here. The full tour takes approx. 45 minutes.

Our downloads are available in audio (MP3), and in multimedia (MOV) format with sound and images combined in Irish and English.

  English Irish
  Audio Video Audio Video
 0. Introduction mp3 mov mp3 mov
 1. The Royal Irish Academy mp3 mov mp3 mov
 2. Academy House mp3 mov mp3 mov
 3. Library treasures mp3 mov mp3 mov
 4. Proclamations and broadsides mp3 mov mp3 mov
 5. The mapping of Ireland mp3 mov mp3 mov
 6. The father of Irish archaeology mp3 mov mp3 mov
 7. The finest room in Dublin mp3 mov mp3 mov
 8. The greatest Irish scientist mp3 mov mp3 mov
 9. The 'Bard of Erin' mp3 mov mp3 mov
 10.The Coolin melody mp3 mov mp3 mov
 11. The Academy 'ransacks an island' mp3 mov mp3 mov
 12. 'Through books through thick and thin' mp3 mov mp3 mov




This guide was produced by Mary Mulvihill, Ingenious Ireland, with funding from the Department of Tourism, Culture & Sport, under the Cultural Technology Grant Scheme 2010. The instrumental version of ‘The Coolin’ is used by kind permission of Fionnuala and Úna Hunt.

 depart of sport ingenious ireland

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