Royal Irish Academy Biennial McCrea Lecture 2011


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Royal Irish Academy Biennial McCrea Lecture 2011
Hosted by the School of Physics, Trinity College

The strange discovery of Viktor Hess - one hundred years of cosmic ray studies.

It will very soon be the centenary of the discovery of cosmic rays by Viktor Hess which is conventionally dated to 1912. It is hard to think of another topic in physics which has remained an active field of research for so long, and which still awaits a definitive solution. Recent progress has been dramatic however and there is good reason to hope that the end is in sight even if there remains much to be done. In this talk I will outline the history of the field and then focus on recent developments as well as the future projects that are being discussed at the moment.

Venue: Schroedinger Lecture Theatre, School of Physics, TCD
Date: Friday 9 December 2011

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