Documents on Irish Foreign Policy, Volume VIII: 1945-1948


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Documents on Irish Foreign Policy, Volume VIII: 1945-1948

John J. Hearne was Irish High Commissioner to Canada during the Christmas of 1946. In a brilliantly vivid letter back home he tells of Christmas trees, freight trains and Santa Claus. Read here


Nazi gold, fugitive war criminals, the threat of nuclear war and the growing dominance of Communism- issues dealt with by the Irish diplomats in the years immediately after the Second World War are central themes in the latest volume of Documents on Irish Foreign Policy.

Now in its 15th year, the Documents on Irish Foreign Policy series continues to open up the secret archives of the Department of Foreign Affairs. DIFP VIII runs from 1945 to 1948 and shows that during the immediate post-war years Ireland redefined its global position as a result of wartime neutrality and the developing Cold War.

Previously thought to be years of vacuum and general isolation, the post-war years saw Ireland engage with a wide range of multilateral organisations, open new diplomatic missions and repair relations with states, in particular the United States and Britain, which had suffered during the Second World War.



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