Irish Historic Towns Atlas Volume 3


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Irish Historic Towns Atlas Volume 3

Volume III presents five towns and cities in the IHTA series in bound format and follows on from Volume I (1996) and Volume II (2005). The historic atlases of Derry~Londonderry, Dundalk, Armagh, Tuam and Limerick are brought together in over 300 pages. Maps are presented in large format and include facsimiles of old plans, historical reconstructions and thematic maps. Topographical views, illustrations and photographs give another perspective. Each town/city part in the volume includes a text section with an explanatory essay and a detailed gazetteer that gives dates, references and details of the streets, buildings and sites of the urban centre.

Irish Historic Towns Atlas, Volume III (2012), Nos 15–17, 20, 21: Derry~Londonderry, Dundalk, Armagh, Tuam, Limerick.
Hardback 420 x 315 mm, with dustjacket.
ISBN 978-1-904890-78-2
200 pp text 406 x 305 mm; 98 pp maps 406 x 305 mm; 9 pp maps 410 x 610 mm; 2 pp maps 812 x 610 mm; 1 pp map 860 x 890 mm.
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