110B1 (2010)



Editorial (p. i)

In this issue (p. iii)

Praeger Review: Changing climate and the Irish landscape (p. 1)

F.I. Woodward, T. Quaife and M.R. Lomas

Environmental and vegetational relationships of lakes, fens and turloughs in the Burren (p.17)

Michael C.F. Proctor

The potential of zooplankton communities for ecological assessment of lakes: redundant concept or political oversight? (p. 35)

Rossana Caroni and Kenneth Irvine

Short Communication: Establishment of the zebra mussel Dreissena polymorpha (Pallas, 1771) in Lough Neagh, Northern Ireland (p.55)

S.P. McLean, D.W. Evans, R.S. Rosell, D. Roberts and J. Livingstone

Twenty-two original Darwin letters in the Library of the Royal Irish Academy (p. 61)

Miguel DeArce, Petra Schnabel, Dot Porter and Duncan M. Porter

First record and initial hydroacoustic stock assessment of pollan Coregonus autumnalis Pallas in Lough Allen, Ireland (p. 69)

Andrew J. Harrison, Fiona L. Kelly, Robert S. Rosell, Trevor W.S. Champ, Lynda Connor, Joanna R. Girvan

Book reviews (p. 73)

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