59 (2009)



Fénius farsaid and the alphabets (p. 1)

Roisin McLaughlin

Crólige mbáis (p. 25)

Neil McLeod

Competing assumptions about the Drúth in Orgain denna ríg (p. 37)

Matthieu Boyd

A note on the name of Ireland in Irish and Welsh (p. 49)

G.R. Isaac

Good-looking and irresistible: the hero from early Irish saga to classical poetry (p. 57)

Damian McManus

Araile felmac féig don mumain: unruly pupils and the limitations of satire (p. 111)

Liam Breatnach

What language did St Patrick swear in? (p. 139)

Simon Rodway

VARIA I. Notes on the Milan glosses; Old Irish cré, gen. Crïad and mw pridd ‘clay’ (p. 153) - no abstract

Aaron Griffith

VARIA II. A rule for z-deletion in Irish? (p. 159) - no abstract

David Stifter

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