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Edited by Dr M.A. Parkes and Dr I. Sanders

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Known to many geologists as ‘the purple journal’, the Irish Journal of Earth Sciences (IJES) has been published by the Royal Irish Academy since 1984. It publishes original scholarship, discussion papers and reviews on any broad topic of Earth science interest, geology and palaeontology. The Editors are happy to discuss proposed review articles with intending authors. Papers should be submitted to

Featured in Volume 29 (2011)

‘A letter from William Bookey Brownrigg to Thomas Henry Huxley, dated 29 November 1865, authorising him to describe his fossil vertebrates from Jarrow Colliery, Co. Kilkenny and giving details of his find’
by Patrick Wyse Jackson, Miguel DeArce, Nigel T. Monaghan

‘Discussion of megaclast transport and erosion of rocky shorelines’
by Jasper Knight and D. Michael Williams

‘The chalk outlier at Ballydeenlea, Co. Kerry; a story of discovery’
by Gordon L. Herries Davies

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