February 2012

The Royal Irish Academy, in conjunction with the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, with the Naughton Trust and other private sponsors, and with Yale University Press, are now entering the most exciting period to date of the Art and Architecture of Ireland: the final year.

Key Achievements

  • Project on-track according to scope, quality, timelines and budget
  • 263 contracts for External Contributors sent out
  • Over 1 million words written (word count = 1,030,326)
  • 73% of Raw material received
  • 30% of text copy-edited
  • 28% of text FINAL (copy-edited & ready for publishing)
  • Core project team of 38 including Volume Advisory Board members
  • AAI Executive Board met on the 9th February 2012. Four members and project manager (key decisions, budget, risk management, legal etc)
  • Main Board meeting held on October 11th 2011.
  • Illustrations sub-committee established and illustrations manager Jennifer Fitzgibbon appointed (sourcing, copyright, permissions)
  • Approximately 332 people directly involved in the AAI project
  • Involving 34 major Irish institutions

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