The DIB and the Olympic Games


Olympians in the DIB

Ahearne, Timothy J. (‘Tim’) (1885–1968), athlete and Olympic gold medallist...
Alexander, (Conel) Hugh (O'Donel) (1909–74), chess master and code-breaker
Barrett, Edmond (‘Edward’) (1877–1932), Olympic athlete, wrestler,
Barry, John Joseph (1924–94), ‘the Ballincurry Hare’, middle-distance athlete
Carroll, Noel (1941–98), athlete and public relations officer.
Duffy, Patrick Joseph (‘Paddy’) (1921–87), Olympian and fencing master
Casey, Stephen (‘Steve’; ‘Crusher’) (1908–87), world all-in wrestling champion, rower and tug-of-war champion
Corry, Daniel (1902–90), army officer and showjumper
Daly, John James (John Joseph) (1880–1969), Olympic athlete
Dockrell, George Shannon (1886–1924), swimmer and water-polo player
Ferris, Samuel (1900–1980), long-distance athlete
Fitzgerald, Edward (Eamonn) (1903–58), Gaelic footballer and Olympic athlete
Flanagan, John J. (1873–1938), athlete
Flynn, Patrick J. (‘Pat’) (1894–1969), athlete
Fowler, Bryan John (‘the Brig’) (1898–1987), Olympic silver medallist in polo
Guiney, David (1921–2000), athlete, sports journalist, sports historian, and author
Heron, James Edward (‘Eddie’) (1910–85), high-diving and springboard diving champion
Hilliard, Robert (‘Bob’) Martin (1904–37), clergyman, boxer, and revolutionary
Irwin, Herbert Carmichael (‘Bird’, ‘Bertie’) (1894–1930), athlete and aeronaut
Kerr, Robert (1882–1928), athlete
Kiely, Thomas Francis (‘Tom’) (1869–1951), athlete
Lavan, John Thomas (‘Sean’) (1898–1973), athlete, footballer, and medical doctor
Leahy, Cornelius (‘Con’) (1876–1921), athlete
McArthur, Kennedy Kane (1881–1960), Olympic gold medallist
McDonald, Patrick Joseph (‘Babe’) (1878–1954), Olympic athlete
McGrath, Matthew J. (1875–1941), athlete and police officer in the USA
Millner, Joshua Kearney (‘Jerry’) (1849–1931), Olympic shooting champion
O'Callaghan, Patrick (‘Pat’) (1905–91), Olympic champion athlete
O'Connor, Peter (1872–1957), athlete
O'Kelly, George Cornelius (‘Con’) (1886–1947), wrestler and boxer,
Parke, James Cecil (1881–1946), sportsman
Peterson, Walter Ernest (1883–p.1921?), hockey international
Purcell, Noel Mary Joseph (1891–1962), water-polo and rugby player,
Sanders, Terence Robert Beaumont (1901–85), Olympic oarsman,
Sheridan, Martin Joseph (1881–1918), Olympic champion athlete
Stanley, Laurence (‘Larry’) (1896–1987), Gaelic footballer and athlete,
Walsh, Cornelius (‘Con’) (1881–1961), Olympic hammer thrower

And figures with more tangential links to the Olympics

Broy, Eamon (‘Ned’) (1887–1972), double agent and Garda commissioner
Cussen, Denis John (1901–80), rugby international and athlete
Dowdall, Paddy (1920–68), boxer
Gordon, Maurice Leonard (‘Maurie’) (1910–90), sports administrator, businessman, and community activist
Goulet, Yann Renard- (1914–99), artist and sculptor
Hamilton, Eva Henrietta (1876–1960) and Laetitia Marion (‘May’) (1878–1964), painters,
Horgan, Denis (1871–1922), athlete
Irwin, Herbert Carmichael (‘Bird’, ‘Bertie’) (1894–1930), athlete and aeronaut
Jameson, John (‘Jackie’) (1957–2002), soccer player
Keane, J. J. (1870–1956), athlete, Gaelic footballer, and sports administrator
Morris, Michael (1914–99), 3rd Baron Killanin, writer, film producer, and sports administrator
O'Flanagan, Kevin Patrick (1919–2006), athlete, rugby and soccer international, Olympics administrator, and medical doctor
Walsh, Joseph James (1905–92), journalist and newspaper editor

These entries are only a fraction of the 460 DIB sporting biographies that cover a range of sporting endeavour and achievment.

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