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DIFP involved in creation of Dictionary of Biography of Diplomats involved in European Integration

EU sub-committee

Members of the EU foreign ministry archivists sub-committee on the biographical dictionary of diplomats involved in European Integration, Luxembourg, 2008. (l-r) G. Polydorakis, A. Kerstens, M. Kennedy, M. Mangan and A. Bagias.

On 5 December 2008 Michael participated in a European Union Foreign Ministry Archivists sub-committee meeting in Luxembourg to design a template for a dictionary of biography of diplomats involved in European integration. The sub-committee comprises archivists and historians from the European Commission, Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands.
At the end of a long and busy day’s work the sub-committee had created a flexible template for the project to use for individual entries in the dictionary. The template has now been tabled for discussion at the next plenary meeting of the European Union Foreign Ministry Archivists.


DIFP papers to two-day conference on the 1938 Anglo-Irish Agreement at UCC

Kate O Malley
Dr Kate O’Malley delivering the keynote address
at UCC during the 1938 Conference

On 28 and 29 November University College Cork hosted a conference on the Anglo-Irish Agreement of 1938, to mark the seventieth anniversary of the handing over of the Treaty Ports. DIFP was represented by both Michael and Kate. Kate gave the keynote address and provided an intra-imperial backdrop to the events, while Michael spoke about the Treaty Ports as a geopolitical and international relations issues.

DIFP VI (1939-41) published on schedule

Michael Martin

Minister for Foreign Affairs Micheál Martin TD
launches DIFP VI at Iveagh House

DIFP was published to schedule and launched on 25 November by Minister for Foreign Affairs Micheál Martin TD at a packed reception at Iveagh House. The new volume received considerable media coverage and the launch was featured in the daily papers on 26 November.



‘Taking the Global Stage’:- Jack Lynch and Irish Foreign Policy

Michael spoke to large audience at UCC on Jack Lynch and the development of Irish foreign policy from 1966 to 1973. The paper was part of a two-day conference ‘Jack Lynch: politics and sport, personality and leadership’ organised by the School of History at UCC and held on 3 and 4 October. In the paper Michael argued that through Lynch’s first term as Taoiseach Irish foreign policy embraced a truly global outlook, with a new focus on Japan, the Far East Eastern Europe and membership of the European Union. As a consequence, the outbreak of the Troubles in Northern Ireland took the Lynch administration by surprise in August 1969.

DIFP workshop to history students at UCD

In October Kate gave a DIFP online workshop to students of twentieth century Irish history at University College Dublin. The aim of the session was to provide students with an overview of primary source material recently made available on the Internet. More significantly, however, it showcased the new DIFP website as well as other countries’ foreign policy documents sites. Student interaction and feedback resulted in a fruitful and enjoyable afternoon’s work.

DIFP VI goes to print

Hannah Ryan

Ms Hannah Ryan of the IPA signs off on the galley proofs of DIFP VI

On 7 October Michael and Kate joined Jim Power and Hannah Ryan of the Institute of Public Administration to watch volume VI of DIFP roll off the press.

Jim Power
Mr Jim Power of the IPA inspects the colours on the dust jacket
of DIFP VI before final printing


Meeting of Directors of EU foreign ministry archives: Ljubljana

Michael represented DIFP at a joint Franco-Slovene hosted meeting of the group of directors of EU foreign ministry archives.


Meeting of DIFP Editorial Advisory Board at Iveagh House

The DIFP EAB, June 2007. (l-r) Prof R. Fanning, Ms J. McManus, Mr P. Buckley, Ms C. Crowe, Prof E. O’Halpin, Dr K. O’Malley, Ms J. Connell, Dr M. Kennedy

The DIFP editorial advisory board met at Iveagh House for its summer meeting. The board meets twice a year to review DIFP progress.


DIFP presentation to British Foreign and Commonwealth Office

On the invitation of Professor Patrick Salmon, Chief Historian at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, London, Michael delivered a presentation on DIFP project management to the staff of the Documents on British Policy Overseas series. The paper focussed on DIFP’s use of Microsoft Project to develop a flexible management schedule for the research, production and publication of DIFP volumes.

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