Dublin, part I, to 1610


Irish Historic Towns Atlas no. 11, Dublin, part I, to 1610

Irish Historic Towns Atlas no. 11, (No 19. Dublin, Part II is also available), Dublin, part I, to 1610 by H.B. Clarke (2002) represents the first in a series of parts relating to Irish cities. It includes:


  • a topographical information section that lists historical and archaeological details of over 1,300 sites (click here for examples) and an essay, all tracing the development of the city to 1610.


  • a large composite medieval map illustrating Dublin in c. 840-c. 1540;
  • a map depicting the shape of growth of the city to 1610;
  • Speed's map of Dublin (1610) reproduced at about four times its original size;
  • old maps of Dublin Castle (1606), Christ Church Cathedral (1764) and St Patrick's Cathedral (1754);
  • a reconstruction of the city in 1846-7 and a facsimile of the municipal boundary map (1837) showing some medieval features in a nineteenth-century context;
  • two Ordnance Survey maps showing Dublin in its surroundings and the modern city;
  • a number of smaller black and white maps, which illustrate the text section.


  • colour reconstructions of Dublin in c. 1000 and in c. 1500 giving bird's eye impressions of the early city;
  • photographs of the Wood Quay and Winetavern Street excavations from the 1970s giving a flavour of Dublin's archaeological landscape;
  • a modern aerial view representing the modern city.

IRSH HISTORIC TOWNS ATLAS NO. 11, DUBLIN, PART I, TO 1610: coloured map 610 mm x 820 mm; coloured map 700 mm x 1000 mm; 5 pages of coloured maps and plates 410 mm x 305 mm; 5 pages of black-and-white maps and plates and 36 pages of text 410 mm x 305 mm; in a folder 410 mm x 305 mm. Price €30.

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