Cover of IHTA no 21 LimerickThe Irish Historic Towns Atlas, no. 20 Tuam by Eamon O’Flaherty (2010) represents the next in the series of the Irish Historic Towns Atlas. It is one of the largest single fascicles produced to date covering of 1000 years of history of this city on the Shannon.






Over 4,000 sites are recorded in the extensive topographical section capturing Limerick’s Viking foundations, through the Anglo-Norman, medieval, as well as the early modern to modern periods. Sites range from churches, cathedrals, medieval tower houses, ball alleys, granaries, bacon manufactories and department stores. The essay includes text maps of the Viking settlements and a conjectural early street, as well as a map of medieval Limerick that traces the line of the city walls and buildings. Vignettes of Limerick’s urban history are dotted throughout the text section. For a review see http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/weekend/2010/0220/1224264854867.html


  • Limerick was densely mapped since the late sixteenth century. A part from the reconstructed Ordnance Survey plans 1840, twenty-seven large format loose sheet historical facsmiles from various archives include:
  • Three Elizabethan maps 1587 and c. 1590
  • Speed, 1610
  • Pacata Hibernia, 1633
  • Webb, 1651
  • Phillips, 1685
  • Siege maps, c. 1690 and 1691
  • Eyres, c. 1752
  • White, c. 1760
  • Colles, 1769
  • Sauthier, 1786
  • Coffey, 1823
  • McKern, 1827
  • Corbet, 1865
  • Goad, 1897


An aerial view and eleven large-format reproductions of paintings and prints of the city include:

  • Sketches by Dineley, 1681
  • Phillips, 1685
  • Story, 1690
  • Brocas, c. 1820
  • De Lond, 1821
  • Mills, c. 1860
  • Patrick Street c. 1900


  • CD-ROM with text section, maps and plates in pdf format. Text section is searchable.

IRISH HISTORIC TOWNS ATLAS No. 21, Limerick, 60 pp of text 410 x 305 mm; 30 pp B&W and colour maps and plates 410 mm x 305 mm to 610 x 820; in a folder 410 x 305 mm.
With CD-ROM. Price €35.

ISBN 978-1-904890-55-3

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