Volume 1: History & Cultural Landscape

Edited by Críostóir Mac Cárthaigh and Kevin Whelan

Clare Island Volume 1The first in a series, this richly illustrated and accessibly written volume introduces the reader to the history and folklife of this unique island in Clew Bay, County Mayo, and to the survey that provided the inspiration for the Academy's new multidisciplinary endeavour. More details

Published 1999
Paperback 160pp; 297 x 210mm
100 illustrations (25 in colour) and 4 fold-out colour map ISBN 1874045712 Buy online


Volume 2: Geology

Edited by John R. Graham

NSCI V2The island's physical appearance today reflects a geological history of over 500 million years. Major geological boundaries, now expressed as faults, run through the island. Repeated movements along these faults have produced the complex distribution of rock types that continues to fascinate geological researchers. More details

Published 2001
Paperback 128 pp; 297 x 210mm s
ISBN 1874045917 Buy online


Volume 3: Marine Intertidal Ecology

Edited by Alan Myers

NSCI V3This third volume in the series examines the intertidal marine ecology of Clare Island. The shores of Clare Island are as exposed as any in Europe and are important baseline sites for the assessment of future environmental change. A knowledge of the ecology of the key organisms of these exposed shores is of fundamental importance. More details

Published 2002
Paperback 240 pp; 297 x 210mm
ISBN 1874045372 Buy online


Volume 4: The Abbey

Edited by Conleth Manning, Paul Gosling and John Waddell

NSCI V5The fourth volume in the series is devoted to the Abbey – a National Monument in State care – which has retained much of its medieval wall paintings. The images are documented and illustrated in colour and are placed in the wider context of late medieval Irish art. More details

Published 2005
Paperback 168pp; 294x210mm
ISBN 1 904890 059 Buy online



Volume 5: Archaeology

Edited by Paul Gosling, Conleth Manning and John Waddell

NSCI V5For a small Atlantic island, Clare Island, Co. Mayo, possesses an impressive array of field monuments. The 5,000-year-old megalithic tomb, the dozens of fulachtaí fia and the series of spectacularly sited coastal promontory forts all offer fascinating insights into prehistoric settlement. More details

Published 2007
Paperback 326pp; 294x210mm
ISBN 979-1-904890-16-4 Buy online


Volume 6: Freshwater and Terrestrial Algae

Edited by M.D. Guiry, D.M. John, F. Rindi and T.K. McCarthy

NSCI V6Clare Island is one of the few known ‘hotspots’ of algal diversity in the world. As a result of a comprehensive survey by a team of specialists, the island is now one of the most intensively worked sites in Ireland and Britain, and it has an amazingly rich algal flora, encompassing well over 700 species. More details

Published 2007
Paperback 268 pp; 294x210mm
ISBN 979-1-904890-31-7 Buy online


Volume 7: Plants and Fungi

Edited by Donal Synnott

NSCI V7This volume provides a unique overview of plants, fungi and lichens that occupy a complex habitat on the western seaboard of Europe.. More details

Published 2013
Paperback 354 pp + 10 prelims, 83 colour illustrations, 3 fold-out illustrations
ISBN 978-1-908996-12-1 Buy online


Volume 8: Soils and Soil Associations

Edited by Wies Vullings, James F. Collins and George Smillie

NSCI V7This volume presents the results of a comprehensive survey of the soils of Clare Island... More details

Published 2013
Paperback 176 pp + incl vi prelims 102 colour illustrations 2 fold-out illustrations
ISBN 978-1-908996-07-7 Buy online

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