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North and South surveys data now published

Last updated: June 2024. Survey results have now been published and can be downloaded in PDF and SAV format at the bottom of this page.

The extensive research project has now been running for two years and has provided a wealth of independent and neutral data on highly contested subjects. So, what have we learned from the first two ARINS/Irish Times surveys about current public opinion on constitutional futures? What do we know about the prospect of a united Ireland now – and, perhaps, more importantly, in the future?

Two surveys, conducted simultaneously in Northern Ireland and the Republic, examined voters’ attitudes to a possible united Ireland and referendums on the issue.

These surveys are part of the North and South series, an initiative of the ARINS Project and The Irish Times. The ARINS Project is a research collaboration between the Royal Irish Academy and the Keough Naughton Institute for Irish Studies at Notre Dame’s Keough School of Global Affairs and is dedicated to analysing and researching Ireland North and South.

27 January 2024

North and South: what we know now, and what we want to investigate in future

21 January 2024

Can the Red Hand of Ulster be transformed into a unifying image for the island of Ireland?

Republic says No to poppy and Red Hand of Ulster: Poll shows hostility of voters to Northern symbols

20 January 2024

Northern voters’ views on Irish symbols pose interesting challenges to advocates of unification

Northern Protestants wary of use of Irish symbols in any united Ireland

Protestant voters in NI strongly opposed to use of Tricolour for united Ireland poll

Flags and symbols will remain a point of division between North and South

19 January 2024

North and South: aiming to provide independent and unbiased information

Imperial hangover or club of independent republics? How the Commonwealth is sold impacts Irish responses

New research shows North-South divisions on Commonwealth

Voters in Republic remain hostile to Commonwealth, poll finds

11 December 2023

Would a new office of vice-president help inclusivity in an united Ireland?

Southern voters lukewarm on idea of unionist vice-president in united Ireland, study finds

Northern Ireland identity may serve as less adversarial for politically moderate Catholics and Protestants

Clear majority in North and Republic support constitutional change in event of Irish unity

9 December 2023

United Ireland: Southern voters open to discussion on flags and anthem

What are the aims of the North and South project?

Republic wary but open to changes that will pave the way to Irish unity

5 December 2023

North and South differ on benefits of unity

Northern Protestants pessimistic on benefits of Irish unity

Voters North and South disagree on potential economic benefits from a united Ireland

4 December 2023

Loss of income would put almost half of voters off a united Ireland

North-South study: Could the Republic’s budget surplus pay for a united Ireland fund?

Money is a big consideration for most in possible vote in Irish unity

2 December 2023

North and South project aims to present unbiased information on unification question

Signs that ‘losers’ consent’ among Protestants for Irish unity is increasing in Northern Ireland

Irish unity moves up list of priorities but lags behind health, housing and economy

The Irish Times view on attitudes on a united Ireland: a dose of realism for the debate

The surveys were designed by John Garry, Brendan O’Leary, Jamie Pow, the ARINS public opinion sub-committee, and Pat Leahy of The Irish Times.

John Garry is Professor of Political Behaviour at Queen’s University Belfast and leads The Democracy Unit, a research centre established in 2019 focusing on the study of democratic theory, institutions and behaviour.

Brendan O’Leary is Lauder Professor of Political Science at the University of Pennsylvania, and an honorary member of Royal Irish Academy. Recent books include Making Sense of a United Ireland and A Treatise on Northern Ireland.

Jamie Pow is a Lecturer in Political Science at Queen’s University Belfast. His research focuses on the way people interact with democratic decision-making, including through elections, mini-publics and referendums

Pat Leahy is Political Editor of The Irish Times. His books include The Price of Power: Inside Ireland’s Crisis Coalition and Showtime: The Inside Story of Fianna Fáil in Power.

PDF summaries of the data can be downloaded below.

The raw data can be downloaded here in .sav format.

SAV data – Northern Ireland

SAV data – Republic of Ireland