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30 Aibreán 2014 14:00 event

Communications & Radio Science into the 21st Century

17th Wireless Research Colloquium 2014, Wednesday 30th April and Thursday 1st May, Academy House.

22 Bealtaine 2014 12:00 event

Library Lunch Time Lecture Series

Dr Anne Pedersen, National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen, ‘ Power and Politics in late Viking-Age Denmark’ & Jon Vidar Sigurdsson, NUI Maynooth/University of Oslo, 'Norway and Iceland in the second half of the 13th century'.

23 Bealtaine 2014 10:00 event

Maps and Texts: Using the Irish Historic Towns Atlas – Georgian and Victorian towns

The IHTA seminar is designed to compare towns and cities on the island of Ireland by using the published atlases and some of those in progress.

27 Bealtaine 2014 18:00 event

Academy Discourse: The date of Hammurabi

Professor Werner Nahm, MRIA, Tuesday 27 May 2014 18:00

29 Bealtaine 2014 18:30 event

Population Projections for All Countries

This is the Irish Statistical Association, Inagural Gosset Lecture and will explore new methods producing probabilistic population projections for all countries with no end to population growth this century.

Cláraigh ar ár liosta seoltaí

Cuir isteach do sheoladh ríomhphoist thíos agus cliceáil ar cláraigh chun d'ainm a chur le clukaseann dár liostaí seoltaí.