Freedom of Information Act, 2014

The new Freedom of Information Act 2014 was signed into law on 14/10/14. The new law extends the scope of the FOI legislation to all public bodies and eliminates up front application fees.

Please note the RIA FOI web pages are currently under review and will be updated shortly.

Freedom of Information in the Royal Irish Academy

The Royal Irish Academy makes information routinely available to the public about its functions and activities, through its publications and website This information continues to be available without the need to use the FOI Acts. The most important available sources of information on the Royal Irish Academy are:

Annual Reviews, Strategic Plan 2013 and other publications of the Academy
The Academy library
The Academy website

An FOI reference book has been prepared and published in accordance with the requirements of Sections 15 and 16 of the FOI Acts. This can be downloaded here.

In accordance with Section 15 of the Act, the purpose of this reference book is to facilitate access to official information held by the Royal Irish Academy by outlining the structure and functions of the organisation, providing information on the classes of records we hold, and information on how to make a request to the Academy under the Freedom of Information Acts.

Making a Request

The application form for requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act can be downloaded here.

Please forward completed application forms to: -

Freedom of Information Unit
Royal Irish Academy
19 Dawson Street
Dublin 2

E-mail: foiat

If information is desired in a particular form, (e.g. photocopy, computer disk, personal viewing etc.), this should be mentioned in your application.

Please give as much information as possible to enable the staff of the Academy to identify the record. Please include a daytime contact telephone number to enable our staff dealing with your application to contact you should any clarification be required in relation to your request.

Cláraigh ar ár liosta seoltaí

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