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Irish Script on Screen is a project which was initiated by the School of Celtic Studies, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, in 1999.
The aim of the project is to make Irish manuscripts available on the web for the purposes of information and research. ISOS provides access to important Irish texts to users throughout the world and currently records 40,000 hits per month. On the other hand, it facilitates the preservation of these resources by reducing handling. The quality of the images is extremely high.

To date, over 60 Academy manuscripts have been digitised and are accessible on the ISOS site, These include important works such as the Stowe Missal, Lebor na hUidhre, Leabhar Breac, Leabhar Uí Mhaine and the Annals of the Four Masters, Medical manuscripts, flagship manuscripts and manuscripts which cater for a specific user community, or which served a particular user demand, have been digitised.

Since 2001, the National Library of Ireland has participated in the project. Eleven manuscripts from the James Hardiman Library, NUI Galway have been digitised, 10 from NUI, Maynooth, and 29 of the 67 manuscripts in the Franciscan Library Killiney collection now held at University College Dublin have been added to the ISOS corpus.

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