Our War: Ireland and the Great War


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Our War: Ireland and the Great War

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This book, written by some of our leading historians, tells the story of the Great War in Irish history which saw over 200,000 Irish soldiers fighting. It relays the experience of ordinary Irish people during the war and chronicles the effect this war had, and still has, on Irish society. Soldiers in the trenches, volunteer nurses, politicians, women and the workforce are all examined. Archival letters, diaries, wills and illustrations are reproduced which document the pride, fear, anxiety and sorrow felt by soldiers, nurses, sweethearts, families and friends. The book accompanies the RTÉ Radio 1 series Our War: Ireland and the Great War which was broadcast November 2008 to late December 2008

Published: 24 October 2008
Format: Hardback, 170mm x 240mm, 336 pp.
ISBN: 9781904890508

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