• Peter Courtland Agre

    MD(Johns Hopkins 1970) University Professor, Johns Hopkins University Honorary Member, Science 2011
  • Felix Aharonian

    Professor, DIAS Member, Science 2012
  • John Peebles Arbuthnott

    MA, PhD(Glas), ScD Professor of Microbiology, University of Glasgow and Former President, The Royal Society of Edinburgh Member, Science 1985
  • Tom Arnold

    MA Director, IIEA Member, PL&A 2016
  • John Fuller Atkins

    BA(Dubl 1965), MA(Dubl 1968), PhD(Dubl 1970), ScD(Dubl 1981) Former Director of Science Foundation Ireland, Molecular Biologist, UCC Member, Science 2003
  • Maria Baghramian

    BA(QUB 1983), PhD(Dubl 1990) ALLEA Working Group on Trust and Expertise Professor of American Philosophy, UCD Member, PL&A 2010
  • Mark Edward Bailey

    BA, MSc, MA, PhD Emeritus Director, Armagh Observatory Member, Science 2010
  • Michael George Lockhart Baillie

    PhD Professor of Palaeoecology, QUB Member, Science 1991
  • Pavel Baranov

    MSc(Lomonosov Moscow State 1994), PhD(Lomonosov Moscow State 1998)  Professor of Biomolecular Informatics, UCC Member, Science 2020
  • Toby Christopher Barnard

    MA, DPhil, FBA, FRHistS Emeritus Fellow, Hertford College, University of Oxford Honorary Member, PL&A 2001
  • Alan Michael Barrett

    BA(Dubl 1989), MA(Michigan State 1991), PhD(Michigan State 1994). Honorary Fellow, Society of Actuaries of Ireland Research Fellow, Institute for Labor Economics, Germany Director, Economic and Social Research Institute Member, PL&A 2019
  • Frank Barry

    BS(NUI 1978), MSc(NUI 1980), PhD(NUI 1983) Professor of Cellular Therapy, NUIG Member, 2021
  • Frank Barry

    BA(NUI 1976), MA(Essex 1978), PhD(Queen's, Ontario 1985) Professor of International Business & Economic Development, TCD Member, PL&A 2021
  • Liam P Barry

    BE(NUI, 1991), MEngSc(NUI, 1993), PhD(Rennes,1996). Professor of Photonics Systems, DCU Member, Science 2019
  • Thomas Bartlett

    PhD(QUB) Professor of Irish History, University of Aberdeen Member, PL&A 1995
  • John Raymond Bartlett

    BA, MLitt, MA(Oxon), MA, LittD(Dubl 1970, 1994), FTCD(Emeritus) Retired Professor of Biblical Studies, TCD and Church of Ireland Theological College Member, PL&A 2007
  • Paolo Bartoloni

    BA(Florence, 1985), PhD (La Trobe) Head of Discipline, Italian, NUIG Member, PL&A 2019
  • Ruth Barton

    BA(Dubl 1981) MA(NUI 1992) PhD(NUI 2000) University Lecturer, TCD Member, PL&A 2021
  • Brian Bates

    BSc, MSc(Nottm), DIC, PhD(Lond) Emeritus Professor of Physics, QUB Member, Science 1995
  • John Raphael (Ray) Bates

    BSc(NUI 1962), PhD(MIT 1969) Emeritus Professor of Meteorology, University of Copenhagen; Adjunct Professor of Meteorology, UCD Member, Science 1986
  • Steven Ernest John Bell

    BSc, PhD(QUB 1983, 1986) Professor of Physical Chemistry, QUB Member, Science 2020
  • Susan Jocelyn Bell Burnell

    BSc(Glasgow), PhD(Cantab) President, Royal Society of Edinburgh Honorary Member, Science 2012
  • Keith David Bennett

    BA, MA, PhD(Cantab 1979, 1983, 1983) Head of School, QUB Member, Science 2011
  • Joseph Bergin

    BA,MA(NUI 1970, 1972); PhD(Cantab 1977); DLitt(Manchester 2004); DLitt(hc Sorbonne University 2019) Emeritus Professor of History, University of Manchester Honorary Member, PL&A 2020
  • Paul Anthony Elliott Bew

    MA, PhD(Cantab 1971, 1974) Professor of Politics, QUB Member, PL&A 2004


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