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Ériu Volume IV (4), 1910 (Print Copy)

by Kuno Meyer
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Published date

30 September 2015

Frequency: 1 Annually

ISSN: 0332-0758

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Edited by: Kuno Meyer and Osborn Bergin

Ériu is devoted to Irish philology and literature, and from its foundation in 1904 the peer-reviewed journal has had a reputation internationally among Celtic scholars. In the century since its inception, Ériu has served as an outlet for the work of the early standard bearers of Irish language studies and Celtic studies and of each new generation of researchers in turn.

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  1. Report on the Work of the School (pp. i-iii)
  2. The Irish Mirabilia in the Norse "Speculum Regale" (pp. 1-16)

    Kuno Meyer

  3. Colum Cille Cecinit (p. 17)

    Kuno Meyer

  4. Tidings of Conchobar Mac Nessa (pp. 18-38)

    Whitley Stokes

  5. Cáin Eimíne Báin (pp. 39-46)

    C. Plummer

  6. Tochmarc Fearbhlaide (pp. 47-67)

    eoġan ó Neaċtain

  7. Brian Borumha (pp. 68-73)

    Kuno Meyer

  8. The Longobardic Origin of St. Sechnall (pp. 74-90)

    Alfred Anscombe

  9. Echtra Mac Echdach Mugmedóin (pp. 91-111)

    Maud Joynt

  10. The Harrowing of Hell (pp. 112-119)

    O. J. Bergin

  11. A Hymn of Praise (p. 120)

    R. I. Best

  12. The Settling of the Manor of Tara (pp. 121-172)

    R. I. Best

  13. The Beheading of John the Baptist by Mog Ruith (pp. 173-181)

    Annie M. Scarre

  14. An Unrecorded Gloss (p. 182)

    E. J. Gwynn

  15. A Collection of Poems on the O'Donnells (pp. 183-190)

    Kuno Meyer

  16. The S-Preterite in Middle Irish (pp. 191-207)

    E. C. Quiggin

  17. Gauls in Ireland (p. 208)

    Kuno Meyer

  18. Address to David O'Keeffe (pp. 209-232)

    E. Knott

  19. Professor Zimmer and the Deaconship of Palladius (pp. 233-234)

    Alfred Anscombe

  20. A Hymn of Invocation (pp. 235-240)

    A. O'Kelleher

  21. Corrigenda (p. 240)

About the author

Kuno Meyer