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The Royal Irish Academy in conjunction with the Irish Times and Dublin City of Science 2012 will organise a series of master classes in Dublin during ESOF week this July.

Three of the master classes will provide the unique opportunity to interact with distinguished scientists as part of a small group to hear them speak about their research area, career and about the particular challenges and opportunities in their fields.

The fourth will be larger and consist of a panel of experts discussing the search for the Higgs boson. Details on how to apply for all master classes are below. For more information please contact the Academy on masterclassat

Saturday 14th July 11:30am The Higgs Master Class

The search for the Higgs boson is one of the most important scientific challenges in the world today and an announcement of its discovery, or refutation of its existence, using data taken at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN is imminent. But what exactly is the Higgs boson? Why is it considered so important? How does the LHC produce and detect it? How do thousands of physicists from around the world combine to track it down? And what is Ireland’s involvement in all this?

Several eminent scientists will take part in a panel discussion to discuss these issues with the public: Professor Rolf Heuer who is the director general of CERN; Dr Steve Myers, the ‘Lord of the Rings’ who is in charge of accelerators at CERN; Oxford theorist, Professor Frank Close, who has written a book about the Higgs; Professor Themis Bowcock, an experimental physicist working at CERN; and physicist Dr Tara Shears who works on the LHC and has broadcast widely about particle physics.

Please Note: This event is now fully booked.

Wednesday 11th July 11am Nobel Laureate Professor Peter Doherty - Fully Booked

Peter DohertyProfessor Doherty shared the 1996 Nobel  Medicine Prize for discovering the nature of the cellular immune defence. He continues to be involved in research directed at understanding and preventing the severe consequences of influenza virus infection.




Thursday 12th July 2:30pm Dr Genevieve Bell - cancelled

Dr Bell is an anthropologist and Director of User Interaction and Experience at Intel Labs. Her team shapes and helps create new Intel technologies and products that are increasingly designed around people’s needs and desires. In this team and her prior roles, Bell has fundamentally altered the way Intel envisions and plans its future products so that they are centered on people’s needs rather than simply silicon capabilities.

Friday 13th July 11am Nobel Laureate Dr James Watson Hon MRIA - Fully Booked

Winner of the 1962 Nobel  Prize, Dr Watson, uncovered the basic scientific structures of life and how the organisation of proteins and nucleotides arrange themselves to create the unique identities of each living organism. Dr Watson’s greatest scientific discovery radically advanced and altered our understanding of human identity and his legacy points to infinite possibilities and complicated questions.



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