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Charlemont Grants

The Royal Irish Academy’s Charlemont Grants Scheme was established in 2007 (formerly known as the RIA Mobility Grant Scheme). It is a high-impact travel grants scheme aimed at early-career postdoctoral researchers. The scheme, named in honour of the Academy’s first president, and notable Grand Tourist, James Caulfeild, the first Earl of Charlemont (1728-99), facilitates short international visits (outbound or inbound) for the conduct of primary research in any subject area.

This highly successful scheme speaks to one of the RIA’s fundamental missions by identifying and encouraging excellence in all areas of Irish scholarship and facilitating research on an international stage.

How to Apply

To receive an application pack, please register your interest here

The deadline for receipt of applications is Monday, 7 January 2019 at 17:00

  • Those applying under the science section of the scheme must attach a letter of invitation from the institutions(s) or research group(s) they are intending to visit or a note explaining the present situation vis-à-vis the invitation.
  • Those applying under the humanities section of the scheme must attach a letter of invitation from the institutions(s) or research group(s) they are intending to visit, except in cases where the planned visit is to a research library or archival institution. In such cases a short note providing a general overview of the library or archival institution is required.
  • All applicants associated with a HEI must be accompanied by a signed letter from the head of your department or institution confirming leave of absence will be given if the visit is to take place during term time. If the visit is intended to take place outside of term time, a letter of support from your institution is still required. If you are not currently working under contract to any one institution please give details of your current employment or status.
  • Applications from independent scholars are welcome.

Applications will be made ineligible if relevant letters of support for the collaboration are not provided.

In order to make an application for funding you will need to familiarise yourself with the ‘Guidelines for applicants’ document which you can view here

Funding Available

 This scheme is generally competitive, with a success rate of approx. 40%. No one grant will exceed €2,500.

Please click here to register your interest and receive an application form.

Costs and activities which are eligible

  • Grants may be sought to cover the direct expenses incurred in planning, conducting, and developing the research and all purchases must be supported with vouched expenditure. The costs incurred may include:
  • Project planning and development costs (cost of travel for discussion in Ireland and overseas; initial workshops with potential partners)
  • Travel and maintenance for Irish scholars
  • Travel and maintenance for overseas scholars engaged in collaborative research activity with Irish partner(s)
  • Research assistance (based in Ireland or abroad)
  • Limited consumables (to a maximum of €500) to include specialist software, photocopies etc.

The only expenses payable are the costs directly related to the research being carried out, up to a maximum of €2,500. All expenses must be supported with vouched expenditure. Please note that these costs are subject to the subsistence rates as set out by the department of finance. A per diem rate is not offered to grantees in cases where vouched receipts are not provided.

Costs and activities which are ineligible

  • Postgraduate students are not eligible to apply for grant support from the Academy, and principal investigators (and co-investigators where appropriate) are asked to confirm that they are not currently working towards a PhD, nor awaiting the outcome of a viva voce examination, nor awaiting the acceptance of any corrections required by the examiners.
  • Applications from senior academics will not be considered.
  • Only one Charlemont Grant award may be held, or applied for, at any one time.
  • An application will not be accepted if there is a report outstanding or any outstanding funds to be returned on any previous research grant awarded by the Academy to the principal investigator or co-investigator(s) named in the current application.
  • The remit of the call is to establish/foster new collaborations; travel to collaborate with former supervisors is not allowed.
  • institutional overheads, or any element that should properly be ascribed to institutional overheads; computer hardware including laptops, electronic notebooks, digital cameras, etc; lab / bench fees, books and other permanent resources;
  • the preparation of camera-ready copy, copy-editing, nor any other editorial task;
  • subventions for direct production costs, costs of publication in electronic media;
  • payment to the principal researcher(s) in lieu of salary, replacement teaching costs;
  • travel and maintenance expenses for purposes such as lecture tours or to write up the results of research.
  • As competition for the awards is high it is not possible to fund two-way visits.

Who can apply

  • Applications are open to all researchers who have obtained a PhD (viva voce must have been passed by the application deadline) and who are within seven years of receiving their PhDs at the start of the term of the grant period. Therefore you must have obtained your PhD on or after 19th February 2012. Candidates with PhDs awarded in 2011 or earlier are not eligible.
  • Applicants must confirm that they are not awaiting the outcome of a viva voce examination, nor awaiting the acceptance of any corrections required by the examiners.
  • Applicants can submit one application per grant round.
  • Applicants should be ordinarily resident and working in Ireland (including Northern Ireland) –applications from international scholars are welcome but the application must be made on their behalf by an Irish-based host.
  • Applicants may hold a maximum of three Academy awards in any five year period.

Applications are accepted for the following

  • ·Proposals for a clearly defined piece of research or research activity undertaken through a short international visit, which will have an identifiable outcome on the completion of the project
  • The scheme will support a short visit to any country to support primary research in any subject area
  • Visits of between one week and six weeks in length will be considered
  • The key objectives of the research visit should be to: (i) initiate one-to-one collaborations, or (ii) explore opportunities to build lasting research collaborative networks or (iii) to gain access to ideas, research facilities including the use of equipment or (iv) receive research training not available in Ireland
  • Funds are available to facilitate initial project planning and development; to support the direct costs of research; or for visits by or to partner scholars.
  • Applications from international scholars are welcome, but an Irish-based (including Northern Ireland) scholar must make the application on their behalf and undertaken in writing to host the named international scholar.

Submission Deadline

The Charlemont Grant Scheme opens on 19th November and will remain open until 7th January 2019.

Any application received after 17:00 (GMT), Monday 7th January 2019 will be deemed ineligible and returned to the applicant.

All queries can be sent to

Find Out More

Further news items about the Charlemont Grants can be found in the news archive here

Should you have any questions or require further information on this grant scheme, please email

Data Protection

All personal data collected will be used solely for the purpose of conducting a funding review assessment in line with General Data Protection Regulations. The Charlemont Grants Transparency Statement can be found here

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