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  • Following the award of a grant recipients must apply for the required licence(s) from the NMS (National Monuments Service) and the National Museum of Ireland (NMI) and follow the conditions specified. Awards are subject to licence approval.
  • The recipient shall comply in all respects with the Safety, Health and Welfare legislation.
  • Recipients are required to disseminate the results of the project in an appropriate manner agreed with the RIA. All such dissemination must acknowledge the assistance of Queen’s University Belfast and RIA in line with ‘Guidelines for acknowledging funding’. This must take place within two years of the award.
  • Failure to comply with any conditions in these guidelines for applicants and terms and conditions for successful applicants or imposed upon on proposal by the Standing Committee for Archaeology, or with the conditions of any associated licence, may disqualify the candidate from future funding under this scheme.
  • The Academy reserves the right to publish relevant details of recipients and funding including, but not necessarily limited to, the names of recipients, the amount of the funding offered and a summary of the proposed activity.

Reports and publishing

  1. Final report: Grant recipients are asked to submit a report (template will be circulated in
    advance of deadline) including the radiocarbon dating certificate, the main findings of the project, plans for dissemination of the outcomes.
  2. RIA conference: Grant recipients may be asked to present their finding at the biennial RIA ‘Revealing the Past’ conference.
    3. Feedback: Grant recipients will be asked to provide feedback on the grants processes

Some or all of the illustrated reports may:
• form the basis of a press release to be issued jointly by the RIA and QUB
• be published on the RIA website
• be made available on the Digital Repository of Ireland
• figure in other publications of the RIA and QUB

Where relevant, grant recipients are required to meet their reporting obligations as per any statutory licence/consent conditions issued by the relevant licensing authorities.

Where relevant submission of reports to the Academy does not exempt a grantee from a separate requirement to submit reports to the relevant licensing authority as per any licence/consent conditions.

Recipients are required to submit for publication the results of the project in an appropriate manner agreed with the RIA within two years unless otherwise agreed. All such publications must acknowledge the assistance of the RIA and the QUB as appropriate.