Information for Archaeology Research Excavation grantees

Those successful for this grant scheme will be notified of the outcome via written letter. Following this, the drawdown process for the grant will commence.

Payment 1:

You may draw down 50% of the grant (Payment One) upon receipt of the letter of offer.

The following documents should be returned to

  • Confirmation of acceptance of the grant and all its conditions
  • Proposed dates of work
  • A copy of an insurance policy indemnifying the RIA against all claims arising in any manner whatsoever from the project
  • A copy of your online tax clearance verification number (if applicable)
  • Notify the RIA of any potential conflicts of interest which might arise during the course of the project

In addition, the following documents should be returned to

SEPA form, outlining clearly whom the payment should be made out to

*Important: This required documentation should be submitted no later than two months following the letter of offer.

Payment 2:

The remining 50% of the grant (Payment Two) will be released upon safe receipt of the following:

  • A fully detailed statement of income and expenditure using the template available from
  • Submitted receipts for each expense incurred (Important: Only vouched expenses can be reimbursed)
  • Submission of a detailed report by the date outlined in the letter of offer
  • Submission of a ‘web report’ (maximum 200 words) and a relevant high-quality image (300dpi) that provides a concise overview of the project, main findings and impacts of the research

Additional notes:

  • As part of the capacity building element of this scheme, two mentors will be assigned to you. These mentors will liaise with you during your project and will notify you in advance of their intent to visit you. Therefore, you are required to submit your proposed project dates to us at within two month of the receipt of your letter of offer 
  • Deadline for submission of your detailed report will be outlined in your letter of offer
  • You may also be required to make a presentation on the results of your project at the Standing Committee for Archaeology’s November meeting
  • This award is subject to the mileage as set out by the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform
  • It should be noted that the sum allocated is the maximum to be awarded and final amount will be based on vouched expenditure
  • You must also ensure that the ‘Guidelines for acknowledging funding’ are followed including use of the RIA logo as outlined.

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