Information for Nowlan Digitisation grantees

Acceptance and payment 1:

The following documents should be returned to

  • Confirmation of acceptance of the grant and all its conditions

  • PPS number

  • a copy of your online tax clearance verification number

In addition, the following documents should be returned to

  • SEPA form, outlining clearly whom the payment should be made out to

  • A bank header (top of a bank statement showing name, address, BIC and IBAN

50% of the Grant (payment one) will be processed upon receipt of the documents listed above

*Important: This required documentation should be submitted by 14 April 2021, at the latest.

Payment 2:

The remining 50% of the grant (payment two) will be released upon safe receipt of the following:

  • A detailed report, which will include a fully vouched and detailed statement of income and expenditure using the template available from

The report form will be available from the Royal Irish Academy via email to grants@ria.i. Deadline for submission of your report is 29 April 2022.

The report will include a lay summary of your project (maximum 200 words) and require relevant high quality image (300dpi), for inclusion on the Academy website and annual review.

This summary should be written in plain English, free from jargon and at a reading level as found in a standard broadsheet newspaper.

It should provide a concise overview of the project, main findings and impacts of the research.

Submitted receipts for each expense incurred (Important: Only vouched expenses can be reimbursed)

As noted in the guidelines for applicants grant holders are required to provide appropriate descriptive metadata for their collections as part of the completion of their project, which must be made available, along with the digital outputs to the Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI). Please let us know if training on this is required. Digital outputs must be professionally digitised, in keeping with the DRI’s file format guidelines:

This report must also include your plans for publicising the newly digitised source, as well as information on how the public can freely access this so that the RIA may also publicise these via the Academy’s communication and social media channels.

Additional notes:

  • This award is subject to the travel and subsistence rates as set out by the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform. Please note that expenses listed as ineligible in the notes to applicants during the application process cannot be claimed.

  • It should be noted that the sum allocated is the maximum to be awarded and final amount will be based on vouched expenditure. You must submit ALL receipts as you will be required to return any unspent funds to the Academy. Please note that this specifically includes items for which there is no receipt attached.

  • You must also ensure that the ‘Guidelines for acknowledging funding’ are followed including use of the RIA logo as outlined.

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