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06 May 2021
06 May 2021

Town and Country: Perspectives from the Irish Historic Towns Atlas

This year's annual seminar from the Irish Historic Towns Atlas will take place online over each Thursday lunchtime throughout May 2021 with the plenary taking place on the final Thursday evening.

Irish Historic Towns Atlas, Public Lecture, Seminar
06 May 2021

Town and Country seminar series: Monastic tenants, Viking raiders and Hiberno-Norse people

Town and Country: Perspectives from the Irish Historic Towns Atlas is a seminar series taking place throughout May 2021. 

Irish Historic Towns Atlas, Public Lecture, Seminar
04 May 2021

Academy Discourse: Celebrity culture up to and in the pandemic

Diane Negra, MRIA explores the primacy, ubiquity and ambivalence of celebrity in the pandemic at a time when we are deprived of various modes of communal sociality and connectedness.

Discourse Series
04 May 2021

NORF Open Research in Ireland webinar: Open Access

As part of a webinar series on Open Research in Ireland, the National Open Research Forum (NORF) is presenting a webinar focused on Open Access to research publications. 

29 April 2021

'International politics in times of risk and uncertainty: the COVID-19 crisis and beyond'

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has posed a fundamental new challenge to humanity and complicated an already unstable international situation.

Humanities and Social Sciences Committees, Standing Committee for International Affairs
28 April 2021

Building Forward Better webinar series – Teaching and Learning

Series of online webinars aimed at higher education staff, policymakers and the wider stakeholder community addressing the question, ‘How can higher education “build forward better”?’ in the post Covid-19 context.

Policy and International Relations
20 April 2021

Using Digital Archives for Social Sciences Research

The third event in DRI's three-part webinar series on using digital archives for academic research.

Digital Repository of Ireland
20 April 2021

Digitising our Local Heritage: Europeana in Focus

Webinar exploring how cultural heritage organisations can use Europeana to grow audiences for digital cultural heritage.

Digital Repository of Ireland
15 April 2021

The role of Irish Bioethics: (re)building trust and reasonable discourse in medicine, science and technology

RIA Life and Medical Sciences Symposium on the need for a sustainable framework in Ireland for deliberating on bioethical responses.

Science Committees, Life and Medical Sciences Committee


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