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Please click on a link below to view a paper published in Biology and Environment: Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy in 2011 and 2012

Short communication: Mycorrhizal associations of Arctostaphylos uva-ursi and Helianthemum oelandicum spp piloselloides in the Burren Dryas heaths
Maeve Liston and Tom Harrington

Short communication: Non-destructive techniques the monitoring if Arctic char Salvelinus alpinus (L.) in Irish loughs I. Fyke netting
N.M. Ruane, J.Davenport and F.Igoe

Short communication: Non-destructive techniques for the monitoring of Arctic char Salvelinus alpinus (L.) in Irish loughs II. Snorkeling to assess spawning success and incubation period
F.Igoe and N.M. Ruane

Enzyme catalysis and decolorisation of brilliant reactive red X-3B by azoreductase from a newly isolated Pseudomonas putida WLY
Zhiqiang Cai, Lei Huang, Yucai He, Sai Shi, Xiyue Zhao, Liqun Wang, Li Wang

On the identity of the first rhinoceros owned by the Dublin Zoo (|1865): genetic characterisation of a poorly preserved museum specimen
D.S.J. Groenenberg, C. de Courcy, M. Linnie and L. Oosterweghel

Habitat selection by grazing animals in heterogeneous environments: the case of hill sheep in western Ireland
Bryony Williams, Sean Walls, Michael Walsh and Mike Gormally
DOI: 103318/BIOE.2012.16

Assessing the impact of pollen-mediated gene flow from GM herbicide tolerant Brassica napus into common wild relatives in Ireland
Marcus J. Collier and Ewen Mullins
DOI: 103318/BIOE.2012.12

A typological classification of headwater streams in Ireland
Maria Callanan, Jan-Robert Baars and Mary Kelly-Quinn
DOI: 103318/BIOE.2012.11


Volume 112B
Issue 2 (2012)


Description of the sea anemone Anthopleura thallia (Gosse, 1854)
Marymegan Daly and Bernard Picton
DOI: 103318/BIOE.2012.10

Current status of pollan Coregonus autumnalis pollan in Lough Ree, Ireland
Andrew J. Harrison, Lynda Connor, Emma Morrissey and Fiona L. Kelly
DOI: 103318/BIOE.2012.09

Diet of short-eared owls Asio flammeus over seven winters in County Cork, Ireland
Chris Cullen and Patrick Smiddy
DOI: 103318/BIOE.2012.08

Phytoplankton assemblages in four wetlands created on cutaway peatlands in Ireland
Heather Lally, Mike Gormally, Tara Higgins, Martin Gammell and Emer Colleran
DOI: 103318/BIOE.2012.07

Examinations of turlough soil property spatial variation in a conservation assessment context
Sarah Kimberley and Steve Waldren
DOI: 103318/BIOE.2012.06

Scales of variability in fin ray counts of flounder, Platichthys flesus L. on Irish and Welsh coasts.
Bernadette O’Neill, Gavin Keirse, David McGrath and Deirdre Brophy
DOI: 103318/BIOE.2012.04


Volume 112B
Issue 1 (2012)

In this issue
Bruce Osborne
DOI: 10.3318/BIOE.2012.17

An assessment of fish predation on the zebra mussel, Dreissena polymorpha (Pallas 1771) after recent colonisation of two brown trout managed lake fisheries in Ireland
M.Millane, M.F. O’Grady, K. Delanty and M. Kelly-Quinn
DOI: 10.3318/BIOE.2011.18

A review of evidence on the environmental impact of Ireland’s Rural Environment Protection Scheme (REPS)
J.A. Finn and D. Ó hUallacháin
DOI: 10.3318/BIOE.2011.19

Toxicity testing of crude oil and fuel oil using early life stages of the black porgy (Acanthopagrus schlegelii)
Anglv Shen, Fenghua Tang , Wantu Xu and Xinqiang Shen
DOI: 10.3318/BIOE.2011.20

An evaluation of local and regional diversity of benthic macroinvertebrate communities in two small regions of Ireland and their potential as localised refugia for certain taxonomic groups
Hugh B. Feeley and Mary Kelly-Quinn
DOI: 10.3318/BIOE.2011.21

Bird diversity of afforestation habitats in Ireland: current trends and likely impacts
Mark W. Wilson, Tom Gittings, Josephine Pithon, Thomas C. Kelly, Sandra Irwin and John O’Halloran
DOI: 10.3318/BIOE.2011.22

First report of intersex roach residing in Irish rivers downstream of several wastewater treatment plants
Colm McGee, Concepta Brougham, James Roche and Andrew Fogarty
DOI: 10.3318/BIOE.2011.23

Reducing nitrate losses from simulated grazing on grassland lysimeters in Ireland using a nitrification inhibitor (DCD)
Samuel J. Dennis, Keith C. Cameron, Hong J. Di, Jim L. Moir, Vincent Staples, Pat Sills and Karl G. Richards
DOI: 10.3318/BIOE.2011.24

Abundance, distribution and community composition of small gelatinous zooplankton in southern Irish coastal waters
Emily J. Baxter, Rob Mcallen, A. Louise Allcock and Thomas K. Doyle
DOI: 103318/BIOE.2012.01

The ecology of the European badger (Meles meles) in Ireland: a review
Andrew W. Byrne, D. Paddy Sleeman, James O’Keeffe and John Davenport
DOI: 103318/BIOE.2012.02

A second revision of Irish myxomycetes
R. McHugh and B. Ing
DOI: 103318/BIOE.2012.03

A review of phosphorus and sediment release from Irish tillage soils, the methods used to quantify losses and the current state of mitigation practice
J.T. Regan, O. Fenton, and M.G. Healy
DOI: 103318/BIOE.2012.05


Special Issue: Plant invasions

Volume 111B, Issue 3 (2011)

In this issue: Plant Invasions 
Bruce Osborne DOI: 10.3318/BIOE.2011.101

Plant invasions: their threats in an Irish context
Jane C. Stout   DOI: 10.3318/BIOE.2011.11

Ecophysiological traits of invasive and non-invasive introduced impatiens species
Paola Ugoletti, Jane C. Stout and Michael B. Jones  DOI: 10.3318/BIOE.2011.12

The ecology, distribution and invasiveness of Gunnera L. species in Connemara, western Ireland
Micheline Sheehy Skeffington and Kieran Hall  DOI: 10.3318/BIOE.2011.13

Battle of the giants: primary and secondary invasions by large invasive species
Margherita Gioria, Burkart Dieterich and Bruce Osborne  DOI: 10.3318/BIOE.2011.14

The distribution and expansion of ornamental plants on the Shannon Navigation
Dan Minchin and Rick Boelens  DOI: 10.3318/BIOE.2011.15

Management of Lagarosiphon major (Ridley) moss in Lough Corrib—a review
Joe Caffrey, Michael Millane, Stephanie Evers and Helen Moran  DOI: 10.3318/BIOE.2011.16

Classical biological control for the management of alien invasive species in Ireland
Jan-Robert Baars DOI: 10.3318/BIOE.2011.17


Volume 111B
Issue 2 (2011)

In this issue
Bruce Osborne DOI: 10.3318/BIOE.2011.2.iii

Population genetics and conservation of the small white orchid, Pseudorchis albida, in Ireland
Karl J. Duffy, Michael F. Fay, Rhian J. Smith and Jane C. Stout DOI: 10.3318/BIOE.2011.6

The hen harrier in Ireland: conservation issues for the twenty-first century
B. O'Donoghue, T. O'Donoghue and F King DOI: 10.3318/BIOE.2011.7

Evaluation of the success of mountain blanket bog pool restoration in terms of aquatic macroinvertebrates
Edel Hannigan, Rosie Mangan and Mary Kelly-Quinn DOI: 10.3318/BIOE.2011.8

A review of the current distribution of the freshwater opossum shrimp Mysis salemaai Audzijonyte and Väinölä, 2005 in Ireland
Marcin R. Penk DOI: 10.3318/BIOE.2011.9

Diversity and distribution of mushroom-forming fungi (Agaricomycetes) in Ireland
R. O’Hanlon and T.J. Harrington 10.3318/BIOE.2011.10


Volume 111B

Issue 1 (2011)

Bruce Osborne

In this issue
Bruce Osborne

Praeger Review: Effects on marine algae of changed seawater chemistry with increasing atmospheric CO2
J.A. Raven

Empirical support for the possible application of modified Ellenberg indices to the study of environmental gradients on dynamic Irish wetlands—evidence from Skealoghan turlough, County Mayo
Christopher D. Williams, Boudewijn Beltman, James Moran, Micheline Sheehy Skeffington and Michael J. Gormally

Seasonal effects of domestic wastewaters on the Cr (VI) reduction potential of Bacillus cereus S-6 and Ochrobactrum intermedium CrT-1
Muhammad Rizwan, Yasir Rehman, Muhammad Faisal and Shahida Hasnain

Riparian zone creation in established coniferous forests in Irish upland peat catchments: physical, chemical and biological implications
L. Ryder, E. de Eyto, M. Gormally, M. Sheehy Skeffington, M. Dillane and R. Poole

Niche separation and overlap in the foliose lichens Lobaria pulmonaria (L.) Hoffm. and L. virens (With.) Laundon in the Killarney oakwoods, Ireland
Allan Pentecost and C. Barry Richardson

Book Review: The Flora of County Tyrone by Ian McNeill

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