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Edited by Professor Liam Breatnach and Professor Damian McManus

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Ériu is devoted to Irish philology and literature, and from its foundation in 1904 the journal has had a reputation internationally among Celtic scholars. In the century since its inception, Ériu has served as an outlet for the work of the early standard bearers of Irish language studies and Celtic studies and of each new generation of researchers in turn.

In it have been published many hitherto unedited texts with translations; annals, sagas, ecclesiastical documents of great importance, poems, catalogues of MSS., and linguistic studies… (1925–26 Report of the School of Irish Learning).

Contributors to Ériu in its early years include Osborn Bergin, Carl Marstrander, Rudolf Thurneysen, E.J. Gwynn, Douglas Hyde, Éoin Mac Neill, Eleanor Knott, R.I. Best, Maud Joynt and R.A.S. Macalister. Among other groundbreaking research, the journal has published an edition of the oldest version of the Táin Bó Cúailnge, from the ‘Yellow Book of Lecan’ and Lebor na hUidre, and, in the Irish Grammatical Tracts, an analysis of the standard literary dialect of Irish as taught and practised in the bardic schools from the thirteenth to the seventeenth century. Recent excellent articles include Aaron Griffith on ‘The animacy hierarchy and the distribution of the notae augentes in Old Irish’; Jacopo Bisagni and Immo Warntjes: ‘The early Old Irish material in the newly discovered Computus Einsidlensis (ca. AD 700)’ and Neil McLeod’s ‘Fergus mac Léti and the law’.

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