112C (2012)


Editorial—The True, the Beautiful and the Old' (pp. vii-xi)

Elizabeth FitzPatrick

New dates from the north and a proposed chronology for Irish court tombs (pp. 1-60)

Rick J. Schulting, Eileen Murphy, Carleton Jones, Graeme Warren

A neo-Assyrian relief in the Weingreen Museum of Biblical Antiquities, Trinity College Dublin—a case study in artefact acquisition (pp. 61-93)

Amanda Kelly

Doonloughan: a seasonal settlement site on the Connemara coast (pp. 95-146)

Emily Murray and Finbar McCormick (with contributions from Sheila Hamilton-Dyer, Conor Newman and Gill Plunkett)

St Fursa, the genealogy of an Irish saint—the historical person and his cult (pp. 147-187)

Stefanie Hamann

Landscape and lamentation: constructing commemorated space in three Middle Irish texts (pp. 189-217)

Joanna Huckins MacGugan

An Irish Jerusalem in Franconia: the Abbey of the Holy Cross and Holy Sepulchre at Eichstatt (pp. 219-270)

Diarmuid Ó Riain

Erenachs, erenachships and church landholding in Gaelic Fermanagh, 1270–1609 (pp. 271-300)

Ciaran Ó Scea 

Improving landlords and planned settlements in eighteenth-century Ireland: William Burton Conyngham and the fishing station on Inis Mhic an Doirn, Co. Donegal (pp. 301-332)

W. Forsythe  

The parallel lives of Joseph Allen Galbraith (1818–90) and Samuel Haughton (1821–97): religion, friendship, scholarship and politics in Victorian Ireland (pp. 333-359)

Miguel DeArce

In Retrospect: A centennial look at Thomas J. Westropp's field records of the promontory forts of north County Mayo (pp. 361-372)

Claire Cotter

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