Charlemont Reports

Charlemont Grants Awarded 2021/2022

08 March 2022

Please click download to view a list of the most recent Charlemont Grants awarded. Individual reports will be published here in 2023.

Royal Irish Academy Download

A Four Nations Art History? The G. F. Watts Memorial Exhibition, 1905-06

11 March 2022

Archival research to consult a wide range of sources relating to the Watts Memorial Exhibition, including a full suite of the exhibition catalogues and associated primary source materials.

Dr Kathryn Milligan Download

The New Orleans Cotton Exchange and the Role of Private Order Institutions in Market Development

23 March 2022

A one week trip to archives of the New Orleans Cotton Exchange.

Dr Christopher Coyle Download

Governance in Early Childhood Education and Care: the case of Argentina

22 February 2022

In this project, I intended to address the map of ECEC provision in its complexity from a systems perspective.

Dr Jennifer Guevara Download

The Memorialisation of War in the Work of Otto Dix, 1914-1934

31 December 2021

Examining work created by an artist who spent thirty-eight months as a frontline soldier, paying close attention to the socio-political and artistic conditions at the time of the works’ creation.

Dr Ann Murray Download

An automatic auditory investigation of speech synthesis systems production

03 December 2021

The grant was used to finance a visit to the Auditory Engineering Laboratory (AEL) to get the missing knowledge to enable further exploration of synthetic speech using hearing research

Sébastien Le Maguer Download

Mothers Superior: Nuns as Maternal Figures in Spanish Popular Culture (1923 – 1936)

26 November 2021

During my research trip I accessed rare film and archival materials that have been key to developing my understanding of perceptions of nuns as mothers in the early decades of the last century. 

Dr Mary Farrelly Download

Geographic variation in hip fracture incidence and care-processes: a comparison between Ireland and Denmark

25 November 2021

This research showed that for many indicators of care quality after acute hip fracture, Denmark performs better than Ireland.

Dr Mary Walsh Download

Mid-nineteenth century Translations of Medieval Law Tracts: The Nordic Evidence

23 November 2021

This project examines the uses of the 1274 Norwegian Landslov after it was applied in Norway. 

Dr Ciaran McDonough Download

Forging an Assisted Human Reproduction Framework for Ireland: Statutory Regulation of International Surrogacy Arrangements

21 November 2022

Balancing children's rights, the position of the surrogate and the rights of the intended parents must be carefully achieved.

Dr Brian Tobin Download

An exploration of the relationship between remote rural living and perspectives on ageing amongst midlife women in the Outer Hebridean islands of Scotland

01 October 2021

Preliminary findings of research show a direct relationship between place and perspectives on ageing.

Dr Alison Herbert Download

Charlemont Grants Awarded 2020/2021

19 February 2021

Please click download to view a list of the most recent Charlemont Grants awarded. Individual reports will be published here in 2022.

Royal Irish Academy Download

Charlemont Grants Awarded 2019/2020

26 March 2020

Please click download to view a list of the most recent Charlemont Grants awarded. Individual reports will be published here in 2021.

Royal Irish Academy Download

3D-Bioprinting of scaffolds for osteochondral repair

31 October 2019

Awarded €1,850

Dr Gayathri Kollamaram Download

The American Lyric at Midcentury: "griefs and music"

31 October 2019

Awarded €1,600  

Dr Eve Cobain Download

Come Back to the Voice: Mary Manning Howe & The Poets' Theatre

31 October 2019

Awarded €1,200  

Dr Jonathan Creasy Download

AI-enabled Automated Mutation Testing for Mobile Software Applications

31 October 2019

Awarded €1,490  

Dr Ivana Dusparic Download