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Charlemont Reports

Charlemont Grants awarded 2023

22 February 2023

Please click download to view a list of the most recent Charlemont Grants awarded. Individual reports will be published here in 2024.

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Virtue and Practical Wisdom in Aristotle's Eudemian Ethics

27 November 2022

The grant was devoted to a stay in Paris to work with Professor Pierre-Marie Morel at Université Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne and prepare an article on natural virtue in Aristotle’s Eudemian Ethics.

Dr Giulio Di Basilio Download

Identifying supports for gifted students from low-income households in Dublin, Ireland

25 November 2022

The project explores the various supports for gifted socio-economically disadvantaged students in Ireland, and what supports parents, teachers and students believe must exist to fulfil potential.  

Dr Leeanne Hinch Download

Cultural Democracy and Cultural Policy: A Comparative Case Study of Ireland and Denmark

23 November 2022

The aim to establish a Cultural Democracy Working Group has been achieved and has already developed into a formal network and a submitted research bid to build on the Charlemont work.  

Dr Steven Hadley Download

Autocratic Revolving Doors: A biographic approach to studying autocratic elites.

22 November 2022

The area of research explaining the return of autocratic elites is vastly understudied and lacks systematic empirical evidence. 

Dr Roman-Gabriel Olar Download

Evolving Multi-Objective Robot Swarms (EvoMORS)

17 November 2022

This research proposed an evolutionary multi-objective (MO) neural network (NN) for robot swarm control. 

Dr Karl Mason Download

Histories of Emotion and the Built Environment (HEBE)

14 November 2022

To develop a research network and publications, with scholars from Ireland, Northern Ireland, GB, and Sweden with a focus on research into the history of emotions and the built environment.

Dr Sophie Cooper Download

Generation of 3D tissue constructs for repair of tendon and ligament rupture

02 September 2022

Investigating the development of tendons and establish an in vitro cell culture system to explore biological and mechanical aspects required to form functional load-bearing tissue in the adult. 

Dr Rebecca Rolfe Download

The social and political world of a British magnate in Ireland: The correspondence and career of Richard Boyle, first earl of Cork, 1634-41

29 August 2022

This project sought to investigate documentary material pertaining to the first earl of Cork, Richard Boyle, and his social world, specifically in the 1630s.

Dr David Heffernan Download

Combining analogue and computational models to investigate lava spine extrusion

17 August 2022

A multidisciplinary study that combined analogue modelling, numerical modelling, and remote sensing observations of the 2020 spine extrusion at Shiveluch volcano, Kamchatka.

Dr Claire Harnett Download

Metabolomic analysis of nanocoronas and their impact in ecotoxicity

08 August 2022

I visited the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research in Leipzig, to use high sensitivity and resolution mass spectrometers to analyze the molecular composition of daphniid conditioned media. 

Dr Konstantinos Panagiotidis Download

A systematic review of the Good Behaviour Game literature; Investigating the differences between randomised controlled trials and single case research designs

03 August 2022

The main aim of this project was to initiate a systematic review on the Good Behaviour Game, encompassing all of the available published research on the topic. 

Dr Clare Bohan Download

‘Feeling Home’: telling a digital sensorial story of medieval Irish houses

25 July 2022

In this Charlemont Fellowship, I wanted to develop a way to showcase the complex lives of medieval households by building on the material evidence. 

Dr Karen Dempsey Download

Irish American Diasporic Exchange 1930-2000

05 July 2022

Research was carried out in three locations in the USA (New York Irish Centre, Irish American Museum Albany, Irish Cultural Centre Boston, MA.  

Dr Eleanor O’Leary Download

Developing an intervention to reduce natural-disaster related distress

30 June 2022

The review findings will inform future collaborative development of perinatal mental health interventions during public health emergencies, including natural disasters and also pandemics.

Dr Karen Matvienko-Sikar Download

Characterising Energy Critical Metal occurrence in the Irish-type Zn-Pb deposits

29 June 2022

The main finding of this study is the precise chemical composition of the Irish sulphide ore and carbonate mineral phases tailing samples, which was measured by Electron Probe (EPMA) analysis.

Dr Lingli Zhou Download

Family Conflicts: Love and Hate

16 August 2022

The key achievements so far are successful data collection, establishing a key research contact in Sweden and disseminating findings to the wider public. 

Dr Stephan Köppe Download

The Radical Left, the Avant Garde, and the Rise of Dictatorship in Interwar Europe

09 June 2022

This funding brought together scholars from various fields to discuss the topic, and proved an excellent step for future collaborations

Dr Molly Pucci Download

Onomastic Perspectives on Literary Landscapes in Medieval Ireland

22 April 2022

This project examined how toponyms are presented and etymologized in the longest known narrative tale in medieval Irish, known as Acallam na Senórach. 

Dr Liam Ó hAisibéil Download

Charlemont Grants Awarded 2021/2022

08 March 2022

Please click download to view a list of the most recent Charlemont Grants awarded. Individual reports will be published here in 2023.

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A Four Nations Art History? The G. F. Watts Memorial Exhibition, 1905-06

11 March 2022

Archival research to consult a wide range of sources relating to the Watts Memorial Exhibition, including a full suite of the exhibition catalogues and associated primary source materials.

Dr Kathryn Milligan Download

The New Orleans Cotton Exchange and the Role of Private Order Institutions in Market Development

23 March 2022

A one week trip to archives of the New Orleans Cotton Exchange.

Dr Christopher Coyle Download

Governance in Early Childhood Education and Care: the case of Argentina

22 February 2022

In this project, I intended to address the map of ECEC provision in its complexity from a systems perspective.

Dr Jennifer Guevara Download

The Memorialisation of War in the Work of Otto Dix, 1914-1934

31 December 2021

Examining work created by an artist who spent thirty-eight months as a frontline soldier, paying close attention to the socio-political and artistic conditions at the time of the works’ creation.

Dr Ann Murray Download

An automatic auditory investigation of speech synthesis systems production

03 December 2021

The grant was used to finance a visit to the Auditory Engineering Laboratory (AEL) to get the missing knowledge to enable further exploration of synthetic speech using hearing research

Sébastien Le Maguer Download