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Charlemont Reports

Charlemont Grants awarded 2024

27 March 2024

Please click download to view a list of the most recent Charlemont Grants awarded. Individual reports will be published here in 2025.

Royal Irish Academy Download

ElecTrophINK: An electroconductive biomimetic hydrogel system for SCI repair applications.

15 December 2023

The goal of the secondment to CU was the production of a conductive gel material containing orientate nanofibers combining for 3D printing conductive scaffolds for spinal cord injury repair. 

Dr. Ian Woods Download

Towards accessibility in minority languages: a roadmap for the development of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) systems in Celtic Languages.

15 December 2023

A visit to Canolfan Bedwyr at Bangor University to share expertise and resources in the development of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) systems for Irish and Welsh. 

Dr Emily Barnes Download

Mid-Century Migrant Poetry in Ireland

27 November 2023

I was based in Washington D.C. between the Library of Congress and Georgetown University to collaborate with Prof. Cóilín Parsons on future research on transnational Irish literature. 

Dr. Karl O'Hanlon Download

Mathematical modelling of opinion dynamics on complex networks

24 November 2023

The project aim was to lay the foundation for a mutual project with Prof. Mason Porter and his group at UCLA, focusing on the mathematical modelling of opinion formation on complex networks.

Dr. Alina Dubovskaya Download

Documentary traces of the translations of Plácido R. Castro del Río: An archival inquiry

24 November 2023

Thorough survey of the personal archive, recently transferred to the Fundación Plácido Castro (Cambados, Spain), in collaboration with Dr. Laura Linares (University of Limerick).

Dr Elisa Serra Porteiro Download

Development of novel gene-activated scaffolds delivering mRNA encoding bone morphogenetic protein-2 and bone morphogenetic protein-7 for bone regeneration

23 November 2023

The project focuses on addressing the challenge of treating large-volume bone defects in bone tissue engineering.

Dr. Joanna M. Sadowska Download

Conceptualising a new mediation model for the resolution of clinical negligence claims.

23 November 2023

This research explored the use of mediation in clinical negligence claims in Ireland, as well as the arguments for the development of a new mediation model for the resolution of clinical claims.  

Dr. Mary Tumelty Download

Comparing two multisite randomised control trials of BE REAL’s body image intervention for adolescents: Are there differences across countries?

22 November 2023

I was awarded a Royal Irish Academy Charlemont Grant to travel to the USA in May 2023 to visit collaborators Dr. Jennifer Webb (UNC Charlotte) and Denise Hamburger (Be Real Foundation USA).  

Dr. Ciara Mahon Download

Towards a critical feminist geography of law and the home.

15 November 2023

Since receiving the grant in February 2023, my collaborator and I have been able to substantially develop our theory of a feminist legal geography of home.  

Dr. Henrietta Zeffert’s Download

Non-invasive Hydration Monitoring using Wearable Bioelectronic Electrodes.

11 November 2023

The key achievements from this grant relate to examining the relationship between hydration status and impedance measurements of the skin using non-invasive wearable graphene electrodes. t.   

Dr. Declan O'Loughlin Download

‘Making fun of the Fascists: Humour Against the Leader Cult in Italy, France and Germany, 1922-1945.’

02 November 2023

Thanks to the Charlemont Grant, I made significant progress on the archival research for my project.  The grant helped fund two research trips to Rome and Paris.

Dr. Benedetta Carnaghi Download

Women Writers-Mediators in the 20th Century: Michèle Causse, Feminist Translator.

01 November 2023

A visit to the Swiss Literary Archives, Bern, which host unpublished correspondence between Causse and Ceresa, highlighting their relationship with French, Swiss and Italian feminist movements.  

Dr Cecilia Benaglia Download

Supply Chain Liability: Network Liability and Network Responsibility of Chain Leaders and Intermediaries

29 October 2023

The Charlemont Grant enabled me to spend the period of May 2023 as a Visiting Research Fellow at the Amsterdam Centre for Transformative Private Law, University of Amsterdam. 

Dr. Ronan Condon Download

Developing the theory of Plurality in Understanding the Right to Freedom of Religion.

07 October 2023

Visit to the Desmond Tutu Centre to explore a theory of religious pluralism that can be used under the Law as an alternative to the theory of equality for purposes of non-discrimination.

Dr Sahar Ahmed Download

The Queen’s Colleges and the British Empire, 1850-1921

29 May 2023

This funding has allowed me to begin research on the vast topic of the Queen’s Colleges and the British Empire.

Dr Jay Roszman Download

Charlemont Grants awarded 2023

22 February 2023

Please click download to view a list of the most recent Charlemont Grants awarded. Individual reports will be published here in 2024.

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Ekphrasis in its Ancient and Contemporary Contexts Establishing New Connections between Research and the Arts through Practice Based Research.

15 December 2022

The Charlemont grant enabled a series of symposia and workshops at the University of Galway and Durham University, bringing together poets who demonstrated the use of ekphrasis in their work.  

Dr Peter Kelly Download

Modelling the impact of high-energy particles on chemistry in exoplanet atmospheres

05 December 2022

The project aim was to combine models of energetic particle transport through a stellar system and in an exoplanet atmosphere and to input these results into a chemical model of exoplanet atmospheres.

Dr Donna Rodgers-Lee Download

Virtue and Practical Wisdom in Aristotle's Eudemian Ethics

27 November 2022

The grant was devoted to a stay in Paris to work with Professor Pierre-Marie Morel at Université Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne and prepare an article on natural virtue in Aristotle’s Eudemian Ethics.

Dr Giulio Di Basilio Download

Identifying supports for gifted students from low-income households in Dublin, Ireland

25 November 2022

The project explores the various supports for gifted socio-economically disadvantaged students in Ireland, and what supports parents, teachers and students believe must exist to fulfil potential.  

Dr Leeanne Hinch Download

Transceiver Design for RF-VLC Parallel Transmission with Joint Signal Processing.

24 November 2022

The project generates a successful experimental implementation of the parallel transmission of visible light communications (VLC) and radio frequency (RF).

Dr Xiping Wu Download

Change of Base for Operator Modules

24 November 2022

The grant enabled the beginning of a systematic study of various homological properties for objects in categories of operator space modules.  

Dr Michael Rosbotham Download

Cultural Democracy and Cultural Policy: A Comparative Case Study of Ireland and Denmark

23 November 2022

The aim to establish a Cultural Democracy Working Group has been achieved and has already developed into a formal network and a submitted research bid to build on the Charlemont work.  

Dr Steven Hadley Download

Autocratic Revolving Doors: A biographic approach to studying autocratic elites.

22 November 2022

The area of research explaining the return of autocratic elites is vastly understudied and lacks systematic empirical evidence. 

Dr Roman-Gabriel Olar Download