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Climate Change and Environmental Sciences Committee Reports

Irish Storminess: What does the Future Hold?

01 August 2017

Irish Storminess: What does the Future Hold?

Royal Irihs Academy Download

Expert Scientific Statement: The Potential of Irish Grassland Soils to Sequester Atmospheric Carbon

01 March 2016

This statement focuses on soil carbon. It reviews the international literature that verifies that temperate grasslands sequester atmospheric carbon into the grassland biomass and soil.

Royal Irish Academy Download

12th Scientific Statement: Climate Change and the Food Chain

01 January 2014

This statement explores the significance of greenhouse gas emissions that arise through the agri-food chain. 

Trevor Donnellan Download

11th Scientific Statement: Air Pollution: Obscuring the Full Extent of Global Warming

01 January 2013

This Statement predicts, using the NUI Galway regional climate model, future European-scale, and in particular, Irish-scale temperature changes as Greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise towards the year 2100.

Colin O’Dowd, Margaret O’Mahony, Micheal Young and J. Ray Bates Download

10th Scientific Statement: The Impact of Rising Spring Temperature on Trees, Insects and Birds in Ireland

01 January 2012

This statement examines the impact of rising spring temperatures on the environment and wildlife in Ireland.

Alison Donnelly Download

9th Scientific Statement: Recent Irish Weather Extremes and Climate Change

01 January 2010

This statement takes a look at the recent Irish weather extremes in relation to climate change.

Ray McGrath, Rowan Fealy and Tom Sheridan Download

8th Scientific Statement: Market Based Policies for Reducing Carbon Dioxide Emissions - Revised

01 January 2009

This Statement outlines the main market based initiatives and their suitability for reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Sue Scott Download

7th Scientific Statement: Climate Change and Health in Ireland

01 January 2008

This paper focuses on the change of temperature and food and water-related diseases that are associated with Climate change.

Elizabeth Cullen Download

6th Scientific Statement: Impacts of Climate Change on Biodiversity

01 January 2007

This paper examines the Impact climate change has had on Biodiversity focusing particularly on Ireland.

Mike Jones Download

5th Scientific Statement: Climate Change and Water Resources in Ireland

16 August 2007

This paper examines how climate change affects river flows and global water resources and the consequences for Ireland and suggestions policies that could reduce Ireland’s vulnerability.

Ro Charlton Download

4th Scientific Statement: Greenhouse Gasses: An Irish Perspective

01 January 2005

This paper is a background to the output of greenhouse gasses since the Industrial revolution it focuses on an Irish perspective.

Aodhan Roddy Download

3rd Scientific Statement: Climate and Sea Level Change

01 January 2004

This paper focuses on the relationship between climate change and rising sea levels, it evaluates the likely implications for Ireland and suggested policies that could reduce Ireland’s vulnerability.

Rowan Fealy & John Sweeney Download

2nd Scientific Statement: Climate Change & Agriculture

01 January 2003

This paper is based on threats and opportunities for Irish faming based on climate change projections for the middle of the century.

Royal Irish Academy Download

1st Scientific Statement: Economics and climate change

12 June 2002

The paper forecasts greenhouse gas emissions, identifies the least cost strategy to meet emission targets; estimating the costs imposed by climate change and the benefits (in the form of reducing these costs) resulting...

Conor Barry, Peter Clinch & Frank Convery Download