Secondary Teachers and Students


As part of DIFP’s outreach programme we aim to get second level students and teachers alike to use DIFP online. We hope that they will find these freely available primary source documents of immense benefit to them in preparation for the Leaving Certificate examination. DIFP online complements both sections of the Leaving Certificate History syllabus.

I - Working with evidence:

In preparation for ‘Section B’, the Documents-based Study, students can prepare by using DIFP documents online in class or as part of a homework exercise. This will help them to develop the evidence-handling skills identified in the list of course objectives. Similarly in ‘Section C’, if a student has a preference to study twentieth century Irish history as their Research Study, their teacher can point them towards DIFP online. By using DIFP online the student can unearth, for themselves, primary source documents pertaining to their particular area.

II - Topics for study:

DIFP contains an immense amount of primary source documents pertaining to areas included in this section. In particular; ‘The pursuit off sovereignty and the impact of partition, 1912-49’ and ‘The Treaty negotiations October to December, 1921’ as well as (to a lesser extent) ‘The Irish Diaspora, 1940-1966’ and ‘The Eucharistic Congress, 1932.’

If you are a History teacher and want to share ideas on how DIFP can be enhanced further to suit second level needs, please get in touch:

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