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Vaccine Questions Ep5: Inoculation against misinformation with Professor Jane Suiter

In episode five Dick chats to Professor Jane Suiter, Director of the Institute for Future Media, Democracy and Society at DCU about what drives the spread of disinformation and how it can undermine vaccination programmes.

What is the difference between misinformation and disinformation and are they the same thing as fake news? Dick asks Jane to explain what these terms mean and they discuss the evolution of disinformation, what drives it, and what makes people susceptible to it. Jane also outlines some ways it can be tackled, by those who own or regulate social media and by us as everyday users of digital media.

About the series

In this podcast series, science journalist Dick Ahlstrom chats with experts in public health, immunology, virology, bioethics, statistics and behavioural science. He will ask them questions sent in by you and help make sense of the answers.

This series is organised by the Life and Medical Sciences Committee in partnership with the Health Research Board