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Vaccine Questions Ep7: Understanding human behaviour with Professor Pete Lunn

In episode 7 behavioural economist, Professor Pete Lunn shares expert insights on how our behaviour impacts the spread of COVID-19 and what drives this behaviour.

Pete is head of the Economic and Social Research Institute’s Behavioural Research Unit and a member of a subgroup that advises NPHET on public response to the pandemic. He tells Dick what questions this group has asked about public behaviour in the pandemic, and shares some of the surprising answers this research has revealed about how we balance risks and make decisions.

About the series

In this podcast series, science journalist Dick Ahlstrom chats with experts in public health, immunology, virology, bioethics, statistics and behavioural science, asking them everything you ever wanted to know about vaccines and vaccination.

This series is organised by the Life and Medical Sciences Committee in partnership with the Health Research Board